Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The ex factor

This is probably a faux pas thing to post about, but I'ma do it anyway. Livin' on the edge, my friends.

I know you're not supposed to regret anything in life because you learn from every circumstance...blah blah blah. But lately I'm realizing something I never should have done, all those years ago...start dating someone who is friends with someone I'm close to (like my brother). It's true that, from every bad relationship you learn something. I've learned tons (literally) of things that I don't want in a relationship this way. The only problem with this logic is that, after you realize this person isn't "the one," their friendship with your brother is still in tact, so you still get to hear all about them AND sometimes see them, too. Yippee!

I don't mind talking to people I've dated, don't get me wrong. I've never had a breakup that resulted in hatred. It's just that I don't want to hear about random tidbits of their life (like who they're dating, have dated, or hope to date). Unfortunately, because of my circumstances, I get to hear these things all the time. I normally excuse myself and go somewhere else. The hint hasn't been taken yet. You know what's also fun? When two of them show up at a party that your brother is having.(Hi, rock. Mind if I crawl under you?)

And now...awful dating stories! (because they're just fun...only because they're in the past)
  • I once was dumped by a guy because, according to him, he was moving away for the summer. We worked at the same place and he was there the whole Summer.
  • I had the boyfriend with all the friends that were girls, but I couldn't talk to a guy friend without him thinking something was going on.
  • There's the guy who took longer to get ready to go out than I did
  • The guy who would ask me to come over and then spend all his time watching ESPN
  • I had a boyfriend who would talk about "our future" and then discuss with me all the reasons why marriage and having children are a bad thing.

Any bad date stories to share?

And now, today's featured (by me) dog for adoption is Roxy

I told Jeremy and Amanda about her, and they have decided I need to adopt her or another dog named Roxy, since their dog looks really similar and is named Rocco.

She was found in the middle of a busy intersection and was taken in. I'm pretty sure I'd adopt them all if I had the money, space, time, and help.



  1. I don't "hate" any of my exes, but I sure as hell don't want to see them or hear of them.

    I once dated a tow truck driver. Yeah...you can't top that, now can you?? :)

  2. Sounds like you've had more than your fair share of the special ones. Mr perfect is bound to be there somewhere!

  3. Kara, I'll top that. I dated a guy who had his house and car reposessed, had an alcohol problem, and went to jail for a day because his license was also suspended because of his lapsed car insurance and he had a night job delivering things to the government buildings in DC. One night they did random background checks. He got strip-searched. It made me glad on the inside.

  4. I'll top THAT! At least he had a house and a car! I once dated a guy who lived at home and once when we were driving, the WHEELS fell off his ghetto car. He never had to go to jail, but he was borderline illiterate (like he seriously didn't understand the difference between "brake" and "break"), so extra points for that. Oh, and he was too short for me to wear heels.


  5. Was he hot? Cuz if so, I think I still have you beat! At least your guy didn't have his car repossessed TWICE. The only reason "my" guy had a car that worked is because he was a mechanic.

  6. Haha, that is a great list! I went to a really nice private school and rebelled by dating bad boys. On my 17th birthday I started dating this tattooed ex-gang buy from Brazil. We dated for a few months after my mom forbid me from seeing him. He even went to jail a few times while we were together. Things came to an end after I found about HIS WIFE and OTHER KIDS (I knew about one of them). I felt like a pretty big dummy.

  7. Oh, I also dated a male stripper for a while. I had to sneak behind my mom's back to see him, too. Oh, high school...

  8. I never read this! Glad you linked to it today. Hilarious. I married the guy who takes longer to get ready than me. Having an ex friends with your bro sounds like hell.