Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, random Monday

You may have noticed the blog "update". A bit more "summery", I think. I was feeling creative this weekend.

So, I'm still bummed that Blogger completely got rid of my post from last week, about Josh, who made it to doggy heaven. Of all the posts to delete! Did you all get your posts back? I guess I'll be sending a draft to myself via email from now on.

Anyway! I'm totally falling behind on my Blog challenge and I'm blaming that on Blogger, too. Heck, I'll just blame my lousy workout week on them, too! See what happens when you cross me!?

So, I may have mentioned this before, but being a graphic designer makes my view of the world pretty annoying sometimes. Do you know how much bad design is out there? I constantly find myself redesigning things...the signs at my gym, my shampoo bottles, websites...nothing is safe. And since I am pretty anal about things like grammar as well, I fix misspelled words, punctuation, and terrible phrasing in my head too. I recently purchased the Target brand of the face cleanser I use and noticed there was a mis-punctuation on the front. From then on, I had to turn the container around so I couldn't see it. And I haven't bought it since.

That being said, the below sign has been hanging in the bathroom stalls at work for months and it drives me bonkers every time I go pee (and I pee a lot).

Centered, in all caps, in Times New Roman. Plus, what if, instead of "placing" these items in the toilet, I throw them in or drop them in? Would that be ok? Also, what are the "appropriate" containers? You mean the garbage cans? (even though there is only one, not many, as the "s" would suggest.)

And then I come to work to this in my email.

(I smudged out the name to protect the innocent)

...I really  nave no words for this. It's just....bad. If you're going to send out an email to the entire organization, is this really the way to go?

Ok, enough of that ranting. I have a funny story now. Jeremy and I laughed about this for a long time. He purchased a lock this weekend whose combination is a 4-letter word.

You can set the combination to a word of your choosing. The greatest idea ever, right? Well, he quickly realized that each of the four letter wheels doesn't have all 26 letters of the alphabet on it. He tried combinations that were short for his name, the dog's name, our last name...but the letters on the wheels wouldn't allow for the combinations he tried. So then we began getting vulgar (hey, it has to be a 4-letter word after all.) After trying all of those and coming up short, I suggested "poop". (Yes, I have the brain of a 12-year-old boy). Well, poop worked. So the combination to his lock is now poop, which makes me happier than you can even imagine.

And now, for today's featured (by me) dog for adoption.

Meet Ruthie (Labrador Retriever/Shepard mix)

The reason I chose Ruthie to feature today, is not only because she's cute, but also because of her "story". A little taste:
Ruthie was dropped off at the shelter by her owner because they couldn't keep her in the place they were moving to. I guess it didn't cross their mind to move to a place were they could have a dog.... Needless to say, Ruthie was terrified and hid in the back of her cage. Within days she was scheduled to be euthanized. Lucky for her, a HART volunteer spotted Ruthie and on the day she was scheduled to have an appointment with Dr. Death she was transferred to HART's care!
I can't even imagine raising and loving a dog, and then one day just dropping her off because you chose to move to a place where she wasn't welcome. Add this to the list of things I'd NEVER do! A dog would never do the same, if given a choice.



  1. Ruthie has such a sweet face! Man, I wish I could adopt 10,000 doggies.

    My missing post came back, hopefully yours will too!

    You change your blog design more often than anyone else I know :)

  2. Poop? Best combo ever! You can't forget something you do every day :P

  3. Ahh, See you sound like me! I blame blogger for making me clean my house!!!! (not an easy task with 3 boys in the house)

    Poop TOO FUNNY!!!

    Poor Ruthie! :(

  4. I too, change my blog design a lot. I can't help it.

    YES, blame everything on blogger. I'm totally down with that. I haven't gotten any of my missing stuff back yet :(