Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday inspiration

I've been slacking on you, Tuesday. I apologize. Today, however, I bring you a new inspiration. *Woohoo*!

I recently found a blog called Little Things: A list of all the simple things we should appreciate. It consists of posts of random "little things" in life that make the day a little brighter. I am of the mindset that it's the little things in life that mean the most, so I am a little mesmerized by this site.

A few random examples:


Today I came across one that leads me to yet another inspiration!

No, I'm not pregnant, but  my best friend is and today she finds out the sex of the baby! I CANNOT wait to hear because I am itching to look at baby stuff! And also, I get to finally find out if I'm going to be "aunt" to a niece or nephew.

Early this morning I got a text from her that she couldn't sleep last night from excitement. I definitely can't blame her! I thought about it all day yesterday, wishing it was the tenth already. She's asked me to help plan a baby shower and I'm beyond excited. Is that weird? I'd love to move closer so that I can babysit every day :)

One thing I don't think I've shared here is that I love the show FRIENDS. I own all ten seasons on DVD and I almost always have one in my DVD player, and watch it while I'm getting ready for work. My friend is the same way. We talk in lines from the show quite often, and everyday events tend to remind me of scenes from the show. The scene that reminds me of today?

(sorry about the ad)

Phoebe or Phoebo? Niece or nephew? We'll find out soon!



  1. I remember being so excited to find out and so afraid the baby would just cross its legs and not show us! Luckily, Faith cooperated and we were able to go crazy on buying pink dresses :)

  2. YES!!! Friends is the GREATEST. SHOW. EVER. I too, own all 10 seasons and can quote Friends to you like you wouldn't believe.
    Little baby Ruth.

    And congrats to your friend :)

  3. So exciting!!! I can't wait to hear! My first same age friend just had a baby and I can't get over it - how did we get all grown up? I go through periods where I get obsessed with shows and want to watch reruns all the time and nothing else.

    I love the little things - anyone else scream and jump up and down like they won the lottery when your name is called for your table in a crowded restaurant??

  4. (I tried to post the other day but I dont think my iphone likes to cooperate all the time)but.....

    Yay, we know its a girl!!! another fabulous Emy in my life will be here soon :)