Friday, May 20, 2011

Fill-in-the-blanks FRIDAY

It's here! Friday is finally here! My weekend will be chill and I'm totally looking forward to it. Jeremy and Amanda will be out-of-town on a family camping trip (that I couldn't make it on because I have to work today and I am volunteering at a food kitchen this afternoon). I'm really bummed to miss it. They're going to have fun, but I get the house to myself. Just me and the dog. Blissful :) My eye is still twitching, which is driving me INSANE. I'm desperate for it to go away. I'll try just about anything at this point. Voo doo? Witchcraft? Some really strange herbal remedy? Bring it!

And now, onward to the blanks

  1. People always tell me I look like  my mom. Check it

  1. Friends don't let friends  walk around with a booger in their nose or wearing see-through pants with patterned undies.

  2. A sunny day is perfect for   everything! Bring on the Vitamin D (and the sunscreen)!

  3. My favorite accessory is  probably earrings. There are so many styles and types. I mean, I have three earring holes in each ear. The possibilities are endless!
  4.  If I could afford it I would  have my own place, my own dog, and my own Mac Laptop with CS5 installed.
  5. The cure for boredom is  ...this is impossible to answer. There are WAY more than one! Just ask someone with a short attention span.

  6. I am currently "in like" with  Pinterest :)

 (courtesy of thelittlethingswedo)

Today's featured (by me) dog for adoption is Marigold

She's a Basset Hound/Lab mix and OHMYGOSH so adorable. Supposedly her mom was the Basset Hound and her dad was the lab. All I have to say is Ouch.



  1. Whenever I get eye twitches, I find that extra sleep helps. I'm with you though, it's super annoying.

  2. Love all your answers, such a fun post! And Pinterest is becoming my new addiction!!! Happy Friday!

  3. You and your mom do look a lot alike! I said the same thing about earrings. A great pair can always make a difference.

    Stopping by from Lauren's blog :)

  4. yes you look like your mother! Pinterest is amazing I have fallen in love with it over the past few weeks...I love your number 3 answer too cute and I so agree