Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The best of both worlds

For the long weekend, Jeremy, Amanda, and I went to my family's beach cottage in Myrtle Beach, SC. My aunt and uncle were extremely nice to invite us to spend the weekend with them and it was all around awesome and relaxing, and great to catch up with them.
One of the cottages in the neighborhood. Not my family's
cottage, but it looks just like this.

Because I'm extremely intelligent, I brought my camera but my memory card wasn't in it. Little did I know, my camera won't save pictures without a memory card. Frig! So, no pictures to share. I know that bums you out. Also, there is no internet at the cottage. I had 83 emails in my inbox this morning. The only important ones? Two from my mom.

I brought my running shoes and a couple of workout outfits to the beach with me, but ultimately I decided to take two rest days and relax for real...in the sun, on the beach, with the sound of the waves in my ear, reading a book. (Yeah, that's right. I went there :) I had a grand plan to wake up early this morning and get my workout in before work. The alarm went off. I got up. I got dressed. Aaaannnd..my stomach decided to be a pain (literally). If there's one thing I know by now, it's that if my stomach feels iffy at all, trying to have a good workout ain't happenin. So, I'll try again this afternoon. My bed was happy to have me back.

What's even better than the BEACH? Beach CUPCAKES! Ok, how did I get from the beach to cupcakes? Today is my friend, Boriana's, birthday and for her birthday, one day this week we're going to get cupcakes at Sugarland. So all I've been thinking about since I got back from the beach yesterday and Boriana and I planned to get cupcakes..is the beach and cupcakes. (Shocking). So, of course I searched for some beachy cupcakes. Get ready for some mouth-watering action!

lemon cream cheese cupcakes topped with raw sugar and marshmallow fondant
beach decorations.

Beach-themed designer cupcakes

Beach bucket cupcakes

Turtle on the beach cupcake

Octopus cupcake

(These aren't beachy, but are way too cute to not share)
Bugs and Bees

And finally...

Today's sponsored (by me) dog for adoption is "Droopy" (I hope whomever adopts her gives her a better name).
How adorable is this girl?

She's only five months old and apparently loves to bark, but look at that face!

Today the SPCA of Wake County, NC (the next county over from the one I live in), is offering $15 adoptions today, so I'm looking through all the dogs they have up for adoption. There are a lot. I wish I could take them all.

I apologize for the randomness of this post. It reflects the randomness going on in my brain currently.

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  1. Discount adoption days? Is it just me, or does it seem wrong to get a dog on sale? :)

  2. Yeah I thought it was strange, too. It worries me the dogs will go to houses where people can't afford them, but for someone like me it is awesome :)

  3. Good for you for taking the time to relax! That's important!

    And those beach cupcakes are awesome!

  4. Those cupcakes are adorable. It sounds like you had some well deserved relaxation - we all need it sometimes!