Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday inspiration: Summer styles

I know I know. It's not Tuesday anymore, but just for the time you're reading this post, pretend that is is. :) I'm starting a new series of Tuesday Inspirations. SUMMER STYLES! To start out, I'm featuring the number one Summer necessity: flip flops!

Every year I have a sort of flip flop wish list. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy all the ones I'd like to, but I normally come away with one or two pairs per Summer. The other day I came into work wearing "work shoes" and as soon as I got to my office, my feet hurt so I just put on the flip flops I had in my bag...and I wore them all day. Why do I even OWN nice shoes?!

The flip flops on my wish list this year are:

1. Rainbow Colored Crystal flip flops
I've never owned a pair of Rainbows, but I've heard they're extremely comfortable. They're also pricey, so I probably will end the Summer still having not owned a pair, but I really like these.

2. J.Crew Flower flip flops
I don't normally go for "pretty" flip flops, but I think these are still casual enough to wear with shorts and a T-shirt.

3. Title Nine Sun Slap flip flops
I love the name of these. Who wouldn't want to "slap" the sun a high-five? :) Plus, they seem like they'd be super comfortable for a long day of walking.

4. Reef Dream flip flops
These are the ones I really want and will most likely end up buying. If they're as comfortable as they look, I may never take them off my feet.

5. Athleta Ohana Sport Sandal
The multi-colored straps are what did it for me. I've seen these in stores, but since most of the flip flops I own are Reefs with black bottoms, I probably wouldn't buy them.

6. Loft Vlada Bow Sandal
Again, these are on the "pretty" side and I probably wouldn't buy a pair with the flat bottoms because they're uncomfortable on my feet. If they were made with arch support, however, I'd rock them.

Today's featured (by me) dog for adoption is Pippi

She's a Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix, just like Rocco. Apparently she was named after Pippi Longstocking for her "adventurous spirit". There are kids who are now old enough to drive who probably aren't old enough to know who Pippi Longstocking is. This makes me cry on the inside.

There was actually another dog, Walker, that I had my eye on yesterday (as much as I can until I have my own place to actually get my own dog), who, when I went to look him up this morning, had already been adopted. You go, Walker!



  1. Pippi is adorable! I'd want to adopt her, but border collies are smarter than me and that can be a bad thing :)

    I have reef flip flops and I love them. My husband has Rainbow ones (but he doesn't know the brand and he would never wear something with that brand name!) and he says that they are really comfy.

  2. I like the JCrew flowers ones. Too cute!

  3. Oh I love me some flip flops. I wear them nearly year round, (we don't have much of a winter here. or I should say it doesn't last long.)

    ~ Patty
    Entertaining Angels
    (blogger is being mean to me right now and will not let me post with my account.)