Monday, May 9, 2011

Keeping me honest

You may have noticed a new Widget on the right, titled "Latest workouts". I've decided to try something. I wanted a good way to track my workouts: how I'm feeling, how they went, what I did, etc. I had seen a few people I know tracking their runs on Daily Mile and decided to check it out. It's mainly meant for tracking miles (hence the name) and I want to track workouts, but I'm going to make it work since I know people who are already using it, and so hopefully that will help with motivation.
Motivation of a ...(ahem)...different sort

My efforts are two-fold. First, I had found myself slipping a little and whenever that happens, I try to set a new workout goal to keep me motivated. This is my goal, and by posting it, it holds me accountable since everyone can now see my efforts.

Second, I am really curious about how certain factors affect my motivation, endurance, heart rate, and how I feel during the workouts. I'd still like to get a heart rate monitor and add heart rate and calories burned to the mix. If anyone has any advice or recommendations on this, let me know. The only thing I know about heart rate monitors is that I want one, which doesn't really help.

 Thanks in advance for keeping me honest and motivating me :)



  1. You know, I have that heartrate monitor ON my counter and I've been meaning to mail it (but that doesn't really help, right?) I'm putting a care package for my brother in law who is in Afghanistan, so I keep thinking I'll mail yours when I mail his, but apparently I'm just a procrastinator, lol.

  2. Oooh really? I thought maybe you had decided to keep it. That's exciting! Now I won't have to research them. Thanks in advance!

  3. You might still need to research it since I can't seem to find the instruction manual :) Luckily it's pretty easy to use and shouldn't take you long to figure out!