Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures in puppy-rearing

Last night Pippi totally slept through the night! (Is that a weird thing to say about a puppy? Normally I'm woken up a couple times a night by licks or paw punches to the face.)
"See, I'm sweet and cuddly....for now."

She and Rocco annoyed the poop (hehe...poop) out of me last night. I've decided dogs are like children. After Pippi choked on a rawhide bone and I literally had to pull it out of her throat, I decided no more rawhide! My mom never gave her dogs rawhide for the same reason, but Rocco has done okay with it, so I decided to test it, but nope, she wants to swallow the whole thing. We'll be sticking with Nylabones from now on. (I pretty much want every product on the Nylabone site except for the Galileo Bone. The shape of it. I just couldn't do that to a dog.)

Anywho, back to my original point. Dogs are like children. I have exactly one Nylabone currently that I got Rocco when he was a puppy. He never chews on it, so I gave it to Pippi last night and gave Rocco a rawhide. Looking back, I should have done the opposite, as they only want what the other has. Rocco kept taking the Nylabone and teasing Pippi with it and then sitting on the rawhide so she couldn't have either one. She then decided to chew on pillows or blankets or to steal a magazine from the coffee table.
"Lies. They're all lies."

And, since we're (ahem...I'm) trying to get the potty outside thing down pat, I had my eye on her every second. And then when I was getting myself a glass of water, she ran upstairs. I quickly followed her and got to her just in time to see her pooping (hehe..poop) in my brother's closet. I did what they say to do and told her "bad!" and then picked it up, had her follow me outside, put the poop (heh) on the ground, and said, "good girl!" God, this seems so dumb. I sure hope it works. I think she keeps going up there because she can smell all the messes Rocco and Josh left in the carpet. Note to self: make use of the baby gate.

(Confession: This was totally supposed to be a Fill-in-the-Blanks post. I guess I'll have to postpone work just a little bit longer to do that one, too. Darnit!)

"Hey Rocco, I got the bone AND the couch. Take that, sucker."

I leave you with a photo I found online of Pippi (formerly "Erykah") when she was only a few weeks old (and, I bet, a little terrorizer).
"I'm too cute for my
eye patch."


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  1. If you get some cleaning stuff called "Nature's Miracle" that helps get rid of the poop/pee/vomit smell that entices them to go on the same spot again. :)