Friday, June 10, 2011

All dogs go to heaven

(NOTE: This is an old post that Blogger stole and finally gave back. Jerks. So I'm posting it now.)

...and today one of ours will be making the trip to meet his maker.

JOSH, a blind, deaf, incontinent, 13-year-old English Spaniel had a really bad afternoon yesterday and then last night was unbearable.

His background:
Amanda rescued Josh from being put down last year. An elderly lady (who was, herself, blind), couldn't take care of him anymore and was going to have him put down because she didn't think he could live without her. Having adopted dogs our whole lives, we knew this wasn't true. Since Josh was still leading a pretty good life at the time, Amanda couldn't bear to have him put down yet and took him in.

Josh (at top) on the day of his "rescue".

He was doing well for a while and then the past six months his incontinence got worse and worse and he'd cry and howl if he thought he was alone (even if he wasn't). His health was slowly deteriorating, and then yesterday it seemed like his balance was off, he couldn't stand up, and he was crying non-stop.

Last night Rocco (the other dog) wouldn't go into Jeremy and Amanda's room (where he normally sleeps). He stayed in the hallway, between the bedrooms and Josh, who was downstairs crying all night. It was time to make the difficult decision: is his quality of life still good and does he still seem happy? No one could sanely answer "yes".

Amanda was able to give him another year of life on this earth, but today he will get his (well-deserved) halo.

Enjoy being a puppy again, old man. Have fun in doggy heaven.


  1. Oh, that's so sad, although it's wonderful that she took him in! I dread the day my dogs die, but I know the problem with pets is they usually go first.

  2. Awww, losing a pet is never easy. You guys were awesome to take him in even if it was a short time. I have two dogs in heaven and I still miss them!