Friday, June 17, 2011

The good news and the...other news

Well, you guys, I just got a call from the doctor and I was going to call it "good news", but at this point I'm really not sure. All my blood work looks "normal", which isn't a word typically associated with me, especially when it comes to health issues. The reason I'm not calling it good news, but rather just "news" is because now I get to have a super fun MRI of my noggin! Weeee!!

I hope they take one from above, so that I can see my eyeballs from this view.

I've never had an MRI, but I do know that I'll need to remove any metal from my person. This means all six of my earrings will need to come out (three in each ear), along with my toe ring, which isn't adjustable and was crammed onto my toe using Windex (no, I'm not kidding), so that will be fun. I hope they can schedule it for sometime before the July 4th weekend because I was planning on maybe getting another ear piercing on vacation. Yes, this is what comes to mind when I'm told I'll need an MRI. Think of the important things first, people.

Am I worried? No. The doctor told me not to worry, and since I'm not exactly taking her advice to not work out "intensely" until the issue is resolved, I figure I should take her advice to not worry. That one's by far easier.

In other news!

This pretty lady's health is insured as of midnight tonight.

I feel much better knowing this. I wouldn't want something to happen to her like what happened to me when I first started my job. I was still in the 3-month trial period until my health insurance kicked in and I hit a deer on the road on my way to work. My airbags deployed and my brother came to my "rescue". He called the police non-emergency number to come get a report for the insurance company (which we didn't actually need, but better safe than sorry), and they asked if I needed an ambulance. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I almost yelled, "NOOOOOO!!!" Do you know they charge you now even to send the ambulance out, even if all they do is drive out to you, do nothing, and drive back to the hospital? True story. I don't even want to know what that bill would've been like. (A couple years ago, my stepdad had to be taken by helicopter from one hospital to another, maybe a 10-minute flight and that alone cost over $10,000.)

Ok, wow, that was quite a tangent. My apologies. I could go on and on about that subject, but we'll leave that for another post.

So, yay, pet insurance! And also yay, the toys I ordered over a week ago have been delivered to the house! And YAY, I ordered Pippi two collars! They ended up having to be custom-made, so I won't know exactly what they look like until I receive them. (Consider me high-maintenance if you must). I probably drove her insane, but she was extremely helpful and told me that I wasn't difficult even though I know I was. So, if you're looking for a cool collar and great customer service, I recommend Fairy Tail Collars (an etsy shop). (My personal opinion only).

I hope everyone has some fun stuff planned for the weekend. I know I do. (Other than sleeping in...ahhh) Also, good luck and an early congrats to Kara. I can't wait for pictures and updates on Einstein!

Happy weekend



  1. You are such a better patient than me - I freak out over the tiniest thing! The piercings do sound like the important thing. Yay for health insurance!

  2. When I ran that 50K, they told us that search and rescue costs would be our own. I read a blog of a dude who broke his foot on a 100 mile race in Hawaii and had to get a rescued by a helicopter. I can't even begin to imagine that bill.

    I can't wait to pick up Einstein in a few hours!

  3. Talking about health insurance always makes me want to scream because mine is so awful! I had to drive 7 hours to get back to an in-network hospital the last time I needed an emergency room. We don't have pet insurance because when I looked a few years ago I wasn't happy with the coverage, but I hear it has gotten better, so maybe we will look in to it now too.

    I hope your MRI goes well. They really aren't a big deal. It's noisy and you have to lie still, but that's about it. The eyeball picture is the best!