Thursday, June 23, 2011

My furry fashionista daughter

Since my earlier post today was  abducted, I decided to post about something entirely different. I was going to save this one, but for tomorrow I'll finish today's earlier post instead. (I'm still mad at you, Blogger. Poop on you.)

You guys, the collars I ordered were delivered yesterday! Also, they've been posted on the FairyTailCollars etsy shop. Remember how I had to custom order them? Well, the pairings I ordered have been added to the shop. Wahoo! (My inner artist is so proud).
Footprints in Sand
This one was a no-brainer. I looove this print. The original one for sale at the shop was on dark green webbing and was 1" thick (instead of the 3/4" that I ordered). While the green webbing looked nice, I am sick of people asking me if they can pet "him", so I wanted girly colors. My mom used to tape bows to my bald head when I was little. I haven't gotten that desperate. Yet. (Pippi is currently wearing this one).

The next one is awesome, too.
Ladies on Pink

The original one at the shop was 1" (instead of the 3/4" that I ordered), on black webbing. Again, I wanted a more feminine look.

And, because I have such a short attention span and plan on changing Pippi's collar daily, depending on my mood, I also ordered a removable tag holder so I can switch the collars to my heart's content. With these suckers, just take off the tags and put them on the new collar; no pinched fingers or ruined nail polish! You know I wanted to order all the colors, but settled for just the dark pink...for now.

What does Pippi think about all this stylishness?

She'll let you know as soon as the embarrassment of being dressed as a bunny wears off. (Apparently this is what my sister-in-law does to her while I'm at work during the day.)

I posted this picture on Facebook, and Kara suggested I send it to If, like me, you've never seen this site, it's hilarious. You must check it out. I did send this picture in and if it goes up, my life will be complete.



  1. If Pippi's picture makes it, MY life will be complete :)

  2. Hahaha, Pippi is so mad at you! I hope I see her on that website very soon!