Thursday, June 16, 2011

insert Jeopardy theme here

I got to work this morning and remembered what was waiting for me in my desk drawer.
Yes, I buy cheap drugs. Judge if you must.

I opened the box and BAM!
Look at the size of these bamma jammas! I'm
sure glad I don't have a sore throat.

See on the box up there where it says, "non-drowsy"? Yeah...we'll see. In my experience, that means I'll bee feeling like this pretty soon
Pippi's interpretation of "non-drowsy".

Update: Four hours later, now it's lunchtime. I felt no different from the gigantor orange pills. I still have a headache and I just took another dose. If it again does nothing, the "circular filing cabinet" will be swallowing the rest.

I haven't heard from the doctor yet. Waiting for a call to find out what's wrong with your head sure makes for a long day.

And, to put a fun spin on it all, through the magical powers of Pinterest, today I found this




  1. It's too bad that it's taking Pippi so long to feel comfortable in your house :)

  2. I've found that the mucinex stuff works pretty well. Pricey, but worth it.

  3. Yeah, I always skip straight to the Mucinex as well. And I only used pseudophedrine, cause phenylephrine does nothing.