Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fill-in-the-blanks FRIDAY eve

Since I didn't post last Friday, I've decided to make today "Fill-in-the-blanks Friday eve" (ok, and also because, in all honesty, the only things on my mind currently are dogs and my next crafty project and I'm sure you're sick of hearing about both of those).

 {Courtesy of thelittlethingswedo}

  1. If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go  back to the beach  and I would bring  Erin, so she could enjoy the beach before becoming a Mom in October.
  2. Something I often rant about is  crappy drivers. I wish it was possible to nominate people to have to re-take the driving test. Headlights in the rain? What a concept. Engage my turn signal when I'm going to TURN? Who knew!
  3. One item I need to have in my fridge at all times is pickles! You just never know when that pickle craving will hit.
  4. My "life-saving" product is concealer. On days I don't wear makeup, I at least put some under my eyes. Walking around looking like a zombie is so uncool.
  5. A friend is someone who  loves you even though you're a little bit crazy (or, in my case, a lot crazy). :)
  6. If I could write my own blank it would be  "My worst date ever was                     "
  7. My favorite kind of art is  graphic design, of course! I have a college degree in it. If I answered anything else, it would be blasphemous. 

Oh and also, there's one thing I'd like to address. Remember that blog challenge I started at the beginning of May? Well, I started off pretty strong, but it quickly felt more like a chore than a fun challenge, and so I have decided to cease the challenge. Life's too short, my friends.

Today's featured (by me) dog for adoption is Kristie

One thing I'm learning in this dog search process is that it seems like these agencies basically pick the breed names out of a hat. It's obvious to me that Kristie is a Labrador retriever mix. What is she mixed with? There's really no telling. What does the organization say she's mixed with?

A Great Pyrenees

Yeah, I don't buy it either. But she's cute, they say her energy level is "on the lower end of average," (which hopefully means I won't be denied because I have a job, as I was with Pippi. More on that later), and that she'd do well in a home with another dog. I have requested an application for her. We'll see!


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  1. I love how many Belgian Malinois mixes you see on petfinder. It's such a rare breed and used only for police type work, so the chances that is true are slim to none. Ah, humane society workers. :)