Thursday, June 9, 2011

More confessions

I find these new Gerber commercials to be extremely creepy. Anyone else?

At work, I find it easier to concentrate if I have music or a video in the background. This is where Hulu comes in quite handy. Lately, I've been watching the series Make It or Break It (Yes, on ABC Family) and I'm totally hooked. Currently, Emily is pregnant! OMG, you guys!

When people are constantly complaining (usually on Facebook) that they are sick or having a bad day or OHMYGODI'MSICKAGAIN, I want to reach through the screen and punch them. Life's too short, celebrate the good stuff once in a while, huh?!

The words 'weiner' and 'balls', and others like them make me giggle every time.

I sweat like a dude. It's not pretty.

Even though I know they're not judging me, I feel weird being naked in front of the dogs.

I have a friend who apparently has a great job and she keeps getting promotions. None of us know what exactly she does. Whenever I think about it, it reminds me of Chandler on FRIENDS.


I worry people will see all the bruises I have on my legs and arms, due to my own clumsiness, and assume they were caused by someone else.

I have no problem watching movies in which bad things happen to people, but if there's any chance something bad might happen to a dog, I won't even think of watching it. Marley & Me? Most awful movie ever.

I just orderered these for Pippi:

...and I'm WAY too excited for them to get here! (probably more excited than the dog :)

I'm craving french fries and frozen yogurt.



  1. I completely agree with you about Marley & Me! Don't even get me started on horse movies!

    I'm ok with the baby and the dog seeing me naked, but when I'm getting dressed, I swear they give me the "are you wearing THAT with THAT??" look. :)

  2. I LOVE MAKE IT OR BREAK IT!!! (I have watched the show since the first season. I'm hooked.)

    I agree about the dogs. I often wonder if they are like "Put some clothes on please before I go blind." When I'm taking a shower.

  3. Greatest list ever! I also love ABC Family shows (Pretty Little Liars is my crack and I love Make it or Break it, despite the stupid title).

    Heh, you said wieners!

  4. Marley & Me was a horrible movie, and not because they hurt a dog. It's just a horrible movie.
    "Oh look, Marley is a bad dog."
    "hey look, Marley is still a bad dog."
    "did we show you yet how Marley is a bad dog?"
    My wife turned it off because I was complaining how bad a movie it was.