Thursday, June 23, 2011

An unspoken understanding: fitness class style

I'm extremely pissed off at Blogger. This post was about three times as long and included a great ending to the story, along with dog pictures. Blogger ate all of it. Yesterday I couldn't post pictures and today my long, though-out post is ruined.

SCREW YOU, BLOGGER! (that is all)

I like to switch up my workouts...a lot. I currently have memberships to two different gyms. The gym on campus I only pay about $12 a month for since I'm an employee, and I mainly use it for taking fitness classes. The gym by my house, I use for the regular old gym workouts (cardio machines and weights). I also partake in workout DVDs at home, run outside on occasion, and I'd like to get back into yoga (Why is taking yoga so damn expensive?! $10/class? I just can't justify that).

Since it's Summer, the fitness class choices at the campus gym are pretty slim, and new schedules begin and end way too often for me to keep up with. A new schedule started this week, and I was thrilled to see that Cardio & Pump was offered yesterday after work. I made it there (along with probably 30 other people. The room was packed!), and had a great workout.

I had some epiphanies along the way. It's pretty awesome to be able to get in a room with other people (mainly girls) and sweat it out.


  1. Blogger SUCKS sometimes.

    I don't get why yoga is so expensive. 13 bucks for a class where I'm constantly told to "simplify my life and let go of earthly things"? Yeah, make the class free and then we'll talk.

  2. Here yoga is like $150 a month or $14 a class! I agree, it doesn't seem very "yogi" to charge me $3 for water when class is 115 degrees. I love group fitness classes though, I am obsessed with getting groupons for them.

  3. Yeah, yoga classes are outrageous. And as much as I love krav maga, the cheapest plan is a 12 month contract at $94/month. There's no class pass and I can only attend class once or twice a week. That equals out to an obscene amount of money.