Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It was more like a nightmare

I'm officially disturbed, creeped out, and disgusted. I had a dream last night. It involved a man. What man?

Was it

No :(

Was it

No :'(

Was it

Nooooo. :',(

It was...

EWWWWWW   >:-o

OMG. My brain hates me! What is that?! I don't find Jerry Seinfeld attractive, I hated his show, his jokes suck, and HE'S OLDER THAN MY DAD! It keeps haunting me. I wish I could scrub my brain with Ajax. My brain totally owes me for this one. I think somewhere along the line I really pissed karma off.


What's your problem? I dreamed about chasing
deer and eating your socks.



  1. Hahaha, ouch! I was watching him on a 30 Rock rerun last night and he's not bad looking...for an old dude.

  2. Eww, that would bother me. Were you watching Seinfield reruns before bed? :)