Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whattaday Wednesday

I took the day off today to take care of some appointments. I was at the vet with Pippi at 8:30am. She passed with flying colors! Her weight is good, she wasn't crazy nervous (her heart rate was right on point), and she's healthy as You guys, I'm not a terrible mother! *high five*

I then came home, made a PB&J, and immediately went online and ordered a few months' worth of heartworm and flea & tick preventative for the pooch. I, of course, added a toy to the order. I believe that, whenever possible, all packages received in the mail should include something fun.
Going to the vet is exhausting!

And then the real fun began...when I headed to my doctor appointment. (For details on why, check out yesterday's post).

I told her my symptoms. She checked out my ears and said there is fluid in there, but that a decongestant should clear it up and she's pretty certain it's not bad enough to cause the lightheaded/fuzziness. She couldn't offer a diagnosis, but she did order some blood tests.
As usual, the nurse had trouble finding a vein, so I got two cotton
balls (hehe...balls)

What is she testing with the blood tests? Umm...everything. I think. No, seriously. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to tell me my shoe size and what I had for lunch. If all looks ok from the tests (the results of which should come in tomorrow), then I'll be sent to have an MRI of my head. I've never had an MRI. I've always wondered what's floating up there.

So, I left the doctor's office and headed over to the grocery store to get some decongestant. Of course, when I got in there, I decided I needed some fresh fruit..oh and I'm out of milk, better pick that up too, ooh and yogurt, applesauce, and wine. Guess what I forgot to get. The decongestant. Clearly my brain is broken.

But I now have some milk for my coffee tomorrow morning, and some awesome, fresh, delicious fruit.
First I took my aggression out on an innocent cantaloupe.

...and then some cherries got what was coming
to them.

snuck in there when I wasn't looking).

If I hadn't totally ruined my budget this month with dog stuff, I would have also gotten strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, and honeydew melon, and made it a real fruit salad. But Pippi is totally worth my lack of sufficient fruit.

You know what I was thinking as I was cutting up the cantaloupe? I sure wish I had a melon make melon BALLS. :)

Seriously though, they look to me like...fruit-flavored cheese puffs. I don't get the whole melon in the shape of balls thing.



  1. I do that ALL the time, I go to the store for one specific thing and get a ton of stuff but forget that one thing!

    Maybe you're going to be on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" I used to get dizzy when I worked out when I was knocked up :P

  2. I have pictures from my MRI somewhere. It was creepy to see that I do in fact have more than cobwebs between my ears. I hope they figure it all out soon! And that you aren't going to be staring on any weird tv medical shows like Kara mentioned.

  3. I hate having blood drawn! But that fruit salad would be a nice comfort for afterwards :)