Monday, June 20, 2011

The month that broke the budget

June 2011...the month things went a little awry.

My goal was to pay off my credit cards in two years. (I don't have that large of credit card debt; less than $5k and most of it is from when I was unemployed when I first moved to NC). Well, now it's going to be more like three years, unless I win the lottery, or that huge pile of money falls in my lap like I've been hoping.

It's all June's fault. June made me do it. June made me adopt a dog ($165), buy all the necessities that being a dog mom entails ($53), and then buy more toys and training treats so that the dog wouldn't destroy my clothing or relieve herself in the house ($34 + $6 + $35), bring her to the vet ($46), buy her flea and tick, and heartworm prevention ($28 + $54), and custom-made collars ($30). June made me go to the doctor ($25), and buy that bottle of wine afterward ($4).

June also is making me get an MRI (for god-knows how much money), and go to the dermatologist (at least $60).

Dear Credit card, I'm sorry for your current balance and for the fact that I'll now need to transfer you to a zero percent interest card instead because your fee last month is the same as I'd spend for a cheap dinner and a glass of wine. I'm sorry, but June made me do it.

(and yes, you read that right up there...I buy the cheapest wine I can. I couldn't resist the $4 pinot grigio).

That's one adorable money pit in that mirror.

And now I ask you, is it bad that I really want to do some online shopping on the card before I transfer the balance? I'm feeling out-of-control. Someone stop me!



  1. It's like when people fall off the diet wagon and just want to eat cake because they already had a donut for breakfast, except sub money for donut. :)

  2. Ouch, dogs are money sucking black holes sometimes! I'm the same way with falling off the money wagon and wanting to buy everything on the internet.

  3. Yup. Pets are expensive. Kids are even worse.

    And nothing wrong with a little $4 wine :)

  4. Sigh, just before I read this I was doing our budget. I have spent major money this year so far, I'll blame it on my dentist bills, yah, that's it. Starting July 1st, I am tracking where every dollar is spent in this house and reviewing our budget. Fun, fun, fun. I'm always surprised with how mush I spend on gas or coffee!!
    $4 dollar wine is AWESOME.