Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Round is a shape

(I apologize for the lack of pictures today. Blogger is having issues....again...and won't let me post pictures. Poopheads.)

I feel like a blob. It started out with my decision to take two rest days this weekend since, technically, I'm not supposed to be working out at "full volume". Friday's workout was proof that I need to slow it down a little until whatever is wrong with my head is fixed.

So I took Saturday and Sunday off from working out and then on Monday I forgot to pack socks for my kickboxing class, so my two rest days turned into three rest days. I now store an extra pair of socks in my desk at work. You can't accuse me of not learning from my mistakes.

On Saturday I went to my best friend's house (who is six months pregnant). I had great intentions of eating healthy this weekend to keep up the trend I'd set during the week. And then...the cheese & crackers, double stuf Oreo Cakesters, and cookies from her neighbor happened. I can totally see how a guy could gain weight if his wife or girlfriend is pregnant. They were delicious, yes, but I pretty much did the same thing on Sunday, and on Sunday night I felt extremely gross. I was so pumped for kickboxing on Monday...and then came the socks incident. I've also been really craving carbs and sugary treats since this weekend. It's ridiculous. If I won a bunch of money, I'd install a frozen yogurt bar in my office.

I kicked butt yesterday, with four miles on the treadmill and some strength training, but still, one great workout is not enough to take away the blob-like feeling. I'm looking forward to the afternoon workouts the rest of this week. I'm going to try my hardest to rock them, or the anxiety may kill me.

Do you ever get in a workout rut that causes you to feel like a blob? How do you get back on track?

Also, I was pretty amazed yesterday that Pinky and the heart rate estimator on the treadmill were actually very close to each other in calories burned and in guessing my heart rate. Whenever I compared the heart rate, it was never off by more than about five, and there was only about a ten calorie difference in total calories burned. And I never entered in my age, weight, height, etc., nor do I hold the handles for it to measure my actual heart rate. It was kind of creepy.

Last night I was lying in bed before I fell asleep, watching a little TV and flippin Seinfeld came on. That was my cue to give up and just go to sleep.



  1. Silly girl! When you wear a heart rate monitor, it transfers that information to a device that will display the info, which the watch does....and the workout machine. Nearly all workout machines (treadmill, elliptical, etc) are equipped to pick up your heart rate monitor's signal. Learned something new? :)

    You? Round? False

  2. Ditto to what Megan said. That's why if you work out too close to a fat person with a heart rate monitor, it will occasionally flash that your heart rate is in the 200s and you are going to die.

    My husband gained weight when I was pregnant. After pregnancy, I nursed and still ate a lot. Now I run a ton and still eat a lot. His weight gain is completely my fault.

  3. Never knew that! That's pretty awesome. How did you guys know that and why am I such an idiot for not knowing?!

  4. I never knew that either! I had no idea - I never even pay attention to the machines other than to obsessively watch the time. I totally understand the blob feeling, but we all have weekends (or weeks) where we get a little wild with the oreos and then get back on track and feel better. Right before a big race when I am tapering and eating a ton I feel HUGE! I think it passes once you have a few good workouts though, then you can remember you are gorgeous and awesome again!

  5. Hahaha, Jerry is stalking you! I'm with you on the workout rut. I have no advice, although someone told me to read books about feats of athletic awesomeness, so I'm gonna try that to get inspired. Also, new workout clothes never hurt.

  6. I feel like a blob cause it's been a couple days since I ran. When I say it out loud it does not seem bad but oh the pizza and coke....I am having a food hangover!