Monday, May 21, 2012

My SIL can haggle better than yours

This weekend involved a lot of freaking out and buying expensive things for the new house.
After long last, a bottom freezer (woohoo) fridge with a dent
in the side (aka-half price) has been ordered!

Saturday I went mattress shopping and Amanda came with me.

I was hoping his confidence would be good luck.

As soon as we got in the door, I realized why I wanted to just order a bed online. You walk in the door and *BAM* they're on you like a tick on a hairy armpit. Dude was not understanding the fact that I was on a strict budget and couldn't afford a $700 mattress no matter how awesome of a deal it was. Then the woman, who I suspected was the manager, came over and said, "sit on this one". It seemed comfortable enough but again, $700. When I was looking at the price and frowning, she assured us she was going to fix it. She brought us to the back and showed us that the bag for the box spring was ripped open and that she could give me that and the mattress for $399. Amanda kept telling her, "That's still not in her budget" and then turned to me and asked, "could you do $350?" I could see the wheels in her head turning. When I made a face to $350 like...ehhh maybe? The lady told us, "I"ll tell you what. I can give both to you for $299". SOLD!

Guest room, meet your new bed.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should put the $700 mattress in my room instead and put my current mattress in the guest room. What would you do?

While we were there Jeremy and Amanda decided it was a good time for them to buy a new mattress. After going around the room, they decided on one and, while Amanda went to work out the payment, Jeremy just had to make sure he really wanted this one.

His life is rough.

How's the packing going, you ask?

Yeah, not amazingly.

Although I did make and mail some orders for my shop and the first vacuum, made a few bracelets for Kari, bought some more home things, freaked out a little a lot, and constructed some cheap, homemade coasters for the house.

No weekend is complete without a useful craft project.

It was a nice break from the freaking out.



  1. Your SIL is good. I say sleep on the new mattress a couple times and see what you think, then decide where to put it.

    I can't wait for my bracelets!

  2. I like that idea - sleep on the new one to see which you like better!

    Those coasters are awesome!

  3. I say put the mattress wherever you like. If you like it more than your current one, keep it for yourself. Guests will never know what they're missing, right?

  4. I can haggle better than that. I'm practically professional.

    You randomly make coasters now too? What CAN'T you do?

  5. I cannot haggle at all, I want to learn! I say you sleep on whatever the good mattress is, and the less good one is for guests!

  6. Does your SIL give lessons? I'm getting worked over in this wedding planning stuff...

  7. I need to learn to make coasters before my husband destroys the wood furniture. And your SIL is definitely a better haggler than mine because my SIL is currently imaginary. I'm not sure my BIL is interested in giving me a SIL if you know what I mean.