Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Abs and idiots

Today is day 1 of our ab workout challenge! Alyssa and I decided a while ago that we needed help in.. umm...this area. I'm also making Emily do it with us. Just because. She recently registered to run the Hartford Half in October, so I felt the needs to torture her with these ab workouts too. Plus we have the same first name so I'm pretty sure she'd do the same if the tables were turned.

Today's workout (Thanks, Pinterest)

I hate ab work, but I really really need it, so I'm looking forward to (hopefully) getting a stronger core. It's supposed to help with running, too, and since I plan on PRing the shit out of Hartford, I'm going to need the strongest core possible.

And onto my next newest obsession.

Since I'm going to have a completely different financial situation soon, I've decided that I'm going to rely on Netflix instead of getting cable. At least for now. In all honesty, I typically only watch Netflix, Hulu, and DVDs anyhow. I have an obsession with Investigation Discovery shows. I don't know what it is, but something about crazy things happening to people (whether they deserved it or not), is fascinating to me.

My newest find

Currently I've been watching Fatal Attractions. The people in this one all deserve the things that happen to them. The description of the show goes a little something like this: Fatal Attractions seeks to understand why some people risk their lives by having tigers, crocodiles and other dangerous animals as pets.

Yes, Tigers. TIIIGRRRRS! One dude housed a 500-pound tiger in his New York City apartment. Another fella let his "pet buffalo" live in his house. Then there was the lady who was killed by her very poisonous pet snake, which she let roam her home. She'd been bitten by a snake previously but wasn't poisoned, so she thought it meant she was "becoming immune". You know, until she died a violent, painful death.

Sketch a dude's neighbor drew of him after he was eaten alive by his pet lizard.

I think it's funny that you always know if the owner of the animals was killed by the animal or not, depending on who they interview throughout the show.

Haven't you always wanted a pet bear that outweighed you
by 400 pounds? And has sharp teeth? And is known for killing

There was a kid whose grandfather owned a tiger and would feed it by going inside its cage. When the kid was small, he'd play with it like it was just a pet cat. He actually said in an interview that, "I didn't really realize they are as dangerous as they are." Again, it was a TIGER! People are such frickin idiots, but it sure makes for great TV!

"Oh nothing. Just chillin with my WOLF DOGS. I bred 'em myself."

The saddest thing about this show is that these people keep so many of these animals as "pets" to keep them from being killed, but when someone is killed by an animal, they then kill the animal! Oh, you have 23 lions on your property and one of them killed you? Yeah, we're going to have to kill them all. Just to be safe.

Because you are a MORON!

You never do know what's going on at your neighbor's house. It's actually legal in NC to have a tiger as a pet. One of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. There is actually a Carolina Tiger Rescue organization in the town that I live in currently. So very ironic.

To end, I wanted to share something that blows my mind. And makes me want to cry.


  1. That incident in Ohio with the guy that freed his exotics happened within an hour of us. One of C's nurses grew up with the guy. I think we'll stick to admiring the exotics from afar at the zoo. I feel like having a dog possessed by a small demon is probably enough stupid in my life.

  2. I was just thinking that my day needed a depressing picture of dead animals, so thank you.

  3. 1. Didn't you learn from kara's post the other day? It's *venomous*, not poisonous. Poisonous refers to if you eat it. Pufferfish are poisonous. Rattlesnakes are venomous.

    2. you should get a pet tiger. Actually, you should get like a dozen of them. Then, not only can you be the crazy cat lady in the neighborhood, you can be the crazy tiger lady.

    3. Please be posting before and after photos of your abs. It's for science.

    4. It's funny that you like to watch shows about crazy people. I have this theory that people like watching shows that remind them of themselves. For instance, I only watch shows about awesome people.

    1. Probably not so much reminds them of themselves but rather makes them feel normal....like they aren't the only crazy person in the world ;)

  4. Zanesville idiot is 34 miles from my house, much less as the crow flies. The fucking zoo just released the surviving animals back to his widower....not long ago she got the guns back too. THIS is what happens when you live in LICKING County.

  5. OH, a 2 minute plank? I shake at 10 seconds. Carrying twins full term has rocked my core to say the least. I swear, I'm getting laughed out when I leave physical therapy every week.

  6. You are so very strange :).

    We only watch netflix here, too. It's awesome.

  7. That tiger pic is so sad and yes people are really stupid! At bootcamp on Saturday the instructor made us do a 3 minute plank and told us if anyone dropped he would add 30 seconds. I was ready to kill anyone who dropped! Off to do your ab workout minus the hill climbers:)

  8. My dad could be on that show. He loves freaking weird animals and somehow thinks he is qualified to care for wild things.
    We live in the boonies and have SUPER limited internet and obviously I need it work and um...blogging. So I can't really do netflix.

  9. That really did depress me, and reminded me that after a day chasing kids at the zoo, I need to do ab work. Yay.

  10. I like the 600 pokemon tidbit. Pokemon wasn't really a thing with people our age (to my knowledge) but it was for kids I babysat. So I became familiar with names like Jiggly Puff and Squirtle. Squirtle is perhaps one of my favorite.

    There was a guy that rescued wolves and he brought them to a dog park in NJ. I knew it was a freakishly large husky or not a dog when I saw it because the paws were enormous. He claimed it was cool with dogs, and everyone seemed to take his word for it.

  11. PS, I HATE mountain climbers. HATE.

  12. It's always fun to laugh at idiots! The Ohio incident made me angry and sad.

    I need to do an ab challenge.

  13. I can understand the running -- maybe you can outrun the tiger to get to a lockable door. *But*, how is a strong abdomen going to help you when the tiger comes? Are you going to tighten up your abs really hard, and say, "go ahead and claw me, I double dare you" ?