Thursday, May 17, 2012

Writing this felt awesome.

Hello Reggie,

I have a concern that I need to address about the appropriateness of one of the spin instructors: Brie. I'm thankful that, before I took one of Brie's classes, I'd already taken a couple of spin classes with other instructors, or I may not have gone back. I have not broached this concern earlier because, as she mentions several times in every single class, she has graduated and I assumed she would no longer be teaching classes. I have to say that when I saw her on the schedule for Summer spin classes, I was extremely frustrated.

Every one of Brie's classes involve her talking the entire time (no, that's not an exaggeration) about her personal life and asking us about ours. I don't go to the classes for social hour or to listen to her talk all about her personal life, which basketball games she's gone to, the "adorable new wedges" she bought, etc. I also don't go to "work off my emotional eating". I graduated college eight years ago and no longer have room in my brain or tolerance for stories of fraternity parties. Even though most of the classes seem to be made up of about 90% college students, I feel like most of the participants feel the same way that I do. I've left her classes early before because it was just too frustrating.

The things I appreciate about most of the other instructors is that they are professional, in that most of their interactions with the class involve form on the bike, posture, technique, etc. I feel that perhaps a conversation with Brie about keeping the spin classes about spin and keeping her personal life out of the classes, would be worthwhile.

Thanks for your time,
Emily Hinkle
Graphic Designer
School of Government



  1. Who names their kid after cheese anyways?

    I would be very annoyed as well. I hope your letter has some impact!

  2. don't want to hear about my adorable new wedges?

    Also...8 years ago? How did we get so old??

  3. Great job! Glad you said something and I hope she changes her ways. There is nothing worse than an annoying instructor who talks too much.

  4. That would be irritating, i bet that makes you want to give her a wedgie when you walk out.

  5. I need to take her class! I have tons of emotional eating to work off. LOL

  6. I was going to pick on her name too, but Rachel already beat me to it in the first post.

    If you're named after a stinky cheese, expect that you're probably a horrible person.