Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Although, the last few days have instead punched ME. Jerks!

Maaaaan...long time no talk. I've been quite the slogger (slacking blogger). I totally made that word up, in case you couldn't tell.

Since we last talked, I found out that I now need to buy a refrigerator for the house because the dude who lives there is taking the one that's there with him. All this time I was being told the fridge would stay. 

So, to make a long story short, I've been in contact with people at the Home Trust to get a floor plan to measure for the fridge and furniture. I've also been in contact with the property manager to schedule a walk-through. After many attempts, today....Progress!

Oh, and yet, there are no dimensions for the fridge area. *womp womp*

Mom, are we ever gonna move?

So the fridge will have to wait, but yesterday I ordered a vacuum! Of course I got it on sale, though. That's how I roll.
What do you think? Is he a Bob or a John?

My workouts have been completely slacking because of all the junk in my brain. I can't wait until it's over. SIXTEEN days! At least, that's as long as I can get all the things on my to-do list done by then. 

On a lighter note, this happened this weekend.

I'm special.

Also, Hallmark gets the award for "most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time" award.

Really? REALLY?...............REALLY??

Why must cards be so specific? Do you know how difficult it is to find cards that just say "parents" instead of "mom and dad"? I've got four parents; two of which are stepparents. Come on, Hallmark. Step up.

Have you done something fun this week, like buy a vacuum?

Name my vacuum!


  1. Bob, definitely Bob.

    I name most electronics Bob. I never named my car though. I have a feeling it's a she, but I just call it "honda." Creative, no?

  2. I think Bob too! Does your dog wrap himself up in blankets or do you help him? He is the sweetest thing:)

    1. LoL. I had just given her a bath and she dug her way in there.

  3. Adorable Pippi picture! Ex-Daughter-in-Law but no generic "parents" cards? That's a little odd!

  4. I saw cards that said "Appropriate for step-mom" at Target.

    Fridges don't come in that many sizes, it really shouldn't be so hard to figure out what kind you need.

    1. Umm..yes. Yes, they do. Check them out sometime.

  5. Wait, you're naming your vacuum?

    1. I might. He's going to be my best friend, after all.

  6. The vacuum should be Lord Suckington or Sir Sucks-a-Lot.

  7. I don't get how the person can suddenly decide he is taking the fridge. Usually contracts are written so that you ask for everything in the house. I am baffled by this process for you. Sorry they aren't being easy.

    Bob. Definitely.

  8. I hate vacuuming and avoid it at all costs. I'm so glad the funniest moment of my life made your blog. I can't believe that type of card exists yet yesterday I searched every inch of the store and couldn't find a "mother to be" card. Stepparent cards don't seem to exist either!