Thursday, August 30, 2012

A post from the dog

Yo. Pippi here. (Yeah. I pretend to be from the street. You got a problem with that?)

I need to discuss something with you all, my adoring fans.

For some reason the people around my house think it's OK to walk around in my presence outside. And THEN when I let them know who's boss my mom won't let me get at 'em. I KNOW! Isn't that why she adopted me? To protect her?? (and also, who wouldn't love this face? I mean, let's get real).

So anyway, while this is going on she tries to get my attention with a treat, but who can concentrate on treats at a time like that? There's an intruder walking around in my neighborhood!

Last night my mom had a conversation with me about how she is the leader and doesn't need me to protect her on walks. She said I don't need to bark at everyone. But I'm still skeptical. This morning I went batshit as soon as I walked out of the house at the neighbors a few houses down getting ready to walk to the bus stop. My mom's attempts to get my attention didn't work.

You guys, mom threatened to give me away this morning. For free.

But I'm friggin adorable!

She also wanted me to tell you about how, when it's time to go to bed, I get so excited that I stand at the top of the steps smacking myself in the face with my wagging tail. But don't believe her. I'm hardcore.


  1. Cesar Milan was right, lecturing your dog DOES work just as well as exercise, discipline, and affection.


  2. The other day, Mike and I were at Petco and this huge german shepherd tried to maul a maltese. Instead of restraining the dog with commands and cues, the owner of the GS decided to give the dog a lecture in front of the whole didn't work. The maltese and her owner booked it out of the store. I think you're better off exhausting and training the crap out of Pippi.

    1. Haha. Well, the lecture was late last night, after the exercise and training. I do realize lecturing a dog doesn't work.

  3. She is adorable...but I don't have to live with her. Hopefully she'll catch on one of these days!

  4. Word on the street is apparently lecturing children doesn't work either....but it's so much fun!

  5. Keith got a text last night that I was sending the puggles on a one way trip to the glue factory. Lecturing in the right tone might work a little if it communicated that the dog was being a very bad dog. I'm gonna stick the TENS collars back on because clearly nothing else works on these morons.