Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be a butterfly

Since today seems to be the day of random posts, I figured I'd follow suit.

1. There's a dude at the coffee shop I go to maybe once or twice a week who has one of those pig nose piercings and I just can't bring myself to look at him when I'm talking to him. I can't not look at it instead of at him and it's just grody.
Just WHY?!

2. We have a problem at work (ok, that's an understatement). ONE of the problems we have on my hall at work is...roaches. The grossest thing ever. It haunts me. Without going into too much detail (I am eating lunch), we've been trying to get the appropriate persons to take care of the issue but it's ongoing. This morning my coworker and I came to a short-term solution.
We are nothing if not resourceful.

3. The plate wall is evolving.
Not quite done, but still looking better.

4. I've been running at a nearby park lately mainly because the distances are marked and most of the path is shaded. It's a 1.5 mile path, so running down and back is three miles. My Garmin doesn't like to find satellites down parts of the path, so it never gives me the full three miles. (I knew that little shit hated me.) I had been running with my Garmin showing mileage only, but I'm thinking it would make more sense to run by time only, especially since the only runs on my training plan that aren't by time, but by mileage, are my long runs. (I'm such a genius, it's taken me four weeks to figure this out). At the beginning/end of my run is a huge community rose garden. I checked it out after my run earlier this week and realized that I was stopping to smell the roses. (ba dum dum).
Yellow and pink on one plant. Amazing.

5. She's watching.

Always watching.

6. For the most part, I'm enjoying our weekly dog training classes, but since I'm running after work today instead of doing lunchtime spin class (I had forgotten it is Thursday) I'm choosing training over dinner. Plus, I'm going to show up sweaty and delicious-smelling.
Maybe this face will get Pippi to behave.

7. If you've been keeping up with the Olympics, you know that US gymnast, Gabrielle Douglas, is amazing at what she does...

 also know that her nickname is "flying squirrel"

I'm not so sure I'd take that as a compliment. Butterflies fly. Birds fly. But no, she's a flying squirrel. Freaks.

7. Why do the toilets in women's restrooms have seats that go up? Hermaphrodite?


  1. 1. Eat dinner tonight.

    2. All toilets have seats that go up...

    1. I know. But WHY? In some cases it's just a waste of plastic (or whatever they're made of).


    3. Having gender specific toilet design and the cost of manufacturing separate types would result in costs that far exceed any "waste" of plastic that may not be used in all situations.

    4. Hmm..Kari, I never considered the "coldness" factor.

      Kara, they DO make urinals. That's pretty gender-specific.

    5. But a urinal is a separate entity from a toilet. Your question was "Why do toilets in female bathrooms have seats that go up?" and my answer still applies there. Making hinge-free toilets to save money on wasted parts (that the female population doesn't use or men when they take a dump) isn't an economically viable idea because the cost of the hinge < cost of making factories able to make the modifications.

  2. Roaches are horrible, did you know they like tape? When we take down all our posters at the end of the year at school, all the sticky parts are covered in roaches. YUM. My cousin has one of those nasty piercings, plus like 12 others, and making eye contact with her makes me throw up in my mouth. Can't you just eat dinner when you get home?

    1. Yes, I can. We don't get home until around 8:30 so I'll probably just eat something small before and after class. So I guess two snacks = dinner.

    2. In what world? Two small snacks are what gets me through until dinner.

  3. Running after work today? That's going to be really hot! I swear to you that you'd enjoy this more if you didn't go when it's so hot. Maybe run after dog class? That way you don't even have to skip dinner!

  4. I agree with Kara, I am such a wuss about running in the heat though. I don't get the whole nose ring thing like that either. Weird.

  5. I had to scroll fast through pig nose ring. Yuck. Funny, we were just talking about the flying squirrel. She does not look like one. People are cruel.