Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trash TV makes me feel smart

This past weekend I decided it was time, again, to be crafty. I'm getting increasingly sick of looking at my sad, naked walls. Thankfully, I had all the supplies I needed for a new project: some canvasses I'd gotten on sale and hadn't used, fabric I purchased from Etsy, and staples.

Pretty fabric.

I'm not going to pretend I didn't get this idea from Pinterest


All-in-all, this probably cost me maybe $40. Since I already had the canvasses, I only recently spent the $24 for the fabric, and I have a good amount left over to add more canvasses...after payday.

I then had another bright idea for the third wall in my dining room, between two windows.

Fabric is so versatile.

At least it's prettier than Pippi's wall.
My dog is so high maintenance.

Now, the fun stuff.

I decided this week to take a couple of vacation days. Since the thought of taking a staycation at my house seemed about as fun as spending a day at work, I jumped at the chance to take my staycation days 20 miles away, with friends. Unfortunately, due to meetings at work, I had to split my days off up but in the long run I think it was a fantastic idea.

Monday evening Pippi and I packed up to spend some time at Mike and Nicole's. Monday was Mike's 30th birthday so we all went out for dinner. (No, the dogs didn't join).

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a shot of tequila and a

Yesterday was my first day off for the week and it was fabulously fun and relaxing. Nicole, their friend Shane, and I spent the afternoon antique and goodwill shopping. I found my new favorite store.

Darn. I was really hoping to buy a creepy baby doll head!

And then, for my workout for the day, we busted out Insanity. Holy mother of PAIN! The speed at which these people can do these insane (heh. Get it?) workouts is nuts. I'm convinced they're robots.

My favorite part of this whole image is the correct uses of
you're and your.

There was also some watching of The Bachelor Pad. Because watching trash tv is just so much more fun with company. I didn't even know this little piece of genius existed before Monday night. Now I wish I could afford cable.

Using the term "star" extremely loosely.

OH! Milestone alert! Yesterday, for the first time ever, Pippi fetched! Usually I'll throw a ball, she'll run, and then run back to me without having picked up the ball, like she thought I endlessly produced tennis balls. Yesterday, more than once, she actually picked up the ball and brought it back to me! This may seem minor, but believe me, it's like proof that miracles really do happen. I didn't even have to use my magic wand. Maybe this is the first step on my way to teaching her to bring me useful things.


  1. Some dogs just don't have any retrieval instinct. :)

    Is that canvas wall across from the plate wall? I feel like we need pics of the whole house now.

  2. Bungee is a retriever, but doesn't quite understand retrieving. She is also a water dog that refuses to swim. Dogs are a mystery.

    I'm with Kara, I need context for these walls. Give me some full room shots!

  3. I like the fabric in frames in that second photo. So creative!

  4. Now I'm jealous again. I want to do tequila shots at La Fiesta. Sounds like an ideal staycation to me!

  5. FYI. You can watch those ABC shows on for free a couple of days after it airs. I have the app on my iPad so I watch while I am riding my bike on the trainer :)