Monday, April 30, 2012

I don't do boring

This weekend I did some damage. No, not to myself (for once). I'll give you a hint: it started with a package from Kara.

Just the lollipop. The dog was already here.

When I e-mailed her to thank her for the package (there was more in it than just the lollipop), she told me that the colors of the lollipop reminded her of the colors I'm going to make my house. Obviously she doesn't know me at all. There is RED in that lollipop!

Later in the day I went to Target and, since the only way I'm going to acquire the things I need for the house is to buy a couple items at a time, I picked up some kitchen items.

Turquoise kitchen towels and orange hot pan holders.

I also got the two shower curtains I need for $5 each! I love Target so much. Yesterday I decided to check out some silverware/flatware/forks, knives, and spoons online and ended up ordering the ones I want for a really good deal at Macy's. At first I was thinking of doing this:

Buy old silverware off Craigslist and paint the handles.

But when I got to the bottom and was faced with "Standard spray paints are not food safe." I decided I didn't really want to die of paint poisoning and my guests probably won't want to either, so I went with these instead.

Yes, in these colors. To match the cups that I bought previously.

 What did Pippi think of all this?

Woman, you make me sleep in awkward positions.

To end this post, I was going to include pictures of the aftermath that is my pinky toes from the half marathon two weeks ago, but then I realized no one really wants to see that. If I'm wrong, let me know and I'll e-mail them to you. Basically it looks like I've got a long road of building up the calluses again. I'm so glad Hartford is six months away!

Instead, I'll share with you a dog I met at Petsmart. 

It really is a dog, not a horse. I swear!

With all this house stuff, I can't help but feel like this until Friday.



  1. If Christian saw that dog in person, he'd totally try to ride it.

  2. That's how I feel every week. Except this Friday isn't payday. Dammit. I love the colors. Everything should be colorful.

  3. You are giving me ideas for my wedding registry....probably not ideas that boring Alex will be on board with ;)

  4. At least I know our dogs' sleeping positions aren't weird. They sure come up with some interesting ones. Then again, they probably think we sleep weird.

  5. You can't have a rainbow house without any red!

    Why was that Great Pyrenees in the store?? You live in a strange place.

    I think the caption for Pippi should have read: I'm just glad I'm color blind.

  6. Rufus snores very loudly when his head is elevated, so I always have to move it for him when he tries to sleep like that. Also, good call on the lack of paint poisoning.

  7. Love the new house stuff! When do you move? Are you crazy excited?

    Just think of all of the awesome stuff you can buy after you design our website!

  8. Target is like the grownup version of hanging out at the mall. I swear I could just go there to browse and end up with so much crap that I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE. I really like that painted silverware idea, but I also don't like dying. Tough call - I think you made the right choice.

  9. I like your new stuff! If you need new plates and bowls, etc. I think you'd like Fiestaware. They come in 8 million colors. We have those as our dishes, I don't do fancy china.