Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running shoes and Neil Patrick Harris

Yesterday I went to get fitted for running shoes. I had suspected the reason I was getting blisters and rubbing on my left foot is because it's smaller than the right foot. It drives me batty. Well, it turns out my left foot is actually half a size larger than my right foot! For crying in the sunshine!

I've got one of each.

So, after telling Sarah-the-shoe-fitter my woes and her asking me if my bunion causes me pain (dude, I have a bunion. hehehe....bunion), she brought out a pair of Nikes and a pair of Asics...both of which I've had NO luck with in the past. And, true to form, they both sucked. Another pair of Nikes later that didn't do the trick (although I have to give Nike props for their awesome shoe colors!), and she finally  brought out a pair of Brooks.

NC State's color

It just so happened they fit pretty great and I decided I'd try them out...but I really didn't want this color if possible. I mean, come on Brooks, really?? My running store location didn't have them in any other colors, so Sarah is having a much nicer color delivered from the Raleigh store.

UNC's color

What can I say? I'm high maintenance. I find it ironic that the store right by UNC's main campus doesn't carry this color, but the store right by NC State does.

Next subject? Neil Patrick Harris. Yes, I completely changed the subject. Don't worry. It's allowed. Lately I've been watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, in episode order. I'm currently on Season three.

Remember back when NPH was Doogie Howser, MD?

Well, now you do, but your first thought was Barney Stinson.
You know it was. Don't lie.

Onto the point of this thing. Neil Patrick Harris is awesome. It just occurred to me just how awesome he is.

When you see Tiffani Amber Thiessen, you think: Kelly Kapowski.

When you see James Van Der Beek, you think Dawson Leery.
Joey was so much hotter than you, Dawson. Face it.

Matthew Perry? Chandler Bing.
I automatically hear is name said in Janice's voice.

These actors all went on to do other things, but will always be recognized first for these roles. In most cases, I forget their actual names and end up shouting, "It's Kelly Kapowski!"

Neil Patrick Harris? Well, he's Neil Patrick Harris. He's not Doogie or Barney. He's awesome! And I'm pretty sure he knows it.

Are there any other actors from your younger days you see and refer to as whatever they were known as on their show?

Are you ever annoyed or delighted by the colors running shoes come in?


  1. running shoes in ugly colors are the bane of my existence!!! The only time I come close to matching or looking somewhat presentable is in the 5 minutes before I start my workout, as long as no one looks from the neck up, b/c I'm usually half asleep and my hair looks like Cameron Diaz from Something About Mary.

  2. I love when Neil Patrick Harris, as Barney Stinson, typed on his computer diary, Doogie Howser-style, complete with music. Hilarious. your big foot caption.

    I've been disappointed in shoe colors in the past but Asics has improved their selection and I currently have a sweet pair of Saucony Mirages in bright blue with lime green. I think running stores typically carry a limited selection of colors - that happened with me when I did my gait analysis. All the shoes I tried at RRS were White!! with powder blue. Boring.

  3. That's the Launch! I went through two pairs of those, I really liked those shoes. I still have the light blue pair you are trying to get your hands's one of the older, discontinued one. P.S. You might be able to get a deal on them online. I got the blue ones late last year on clearance for $50 since it was an older color.

  4. The way your brain works will never cease to amaze me.

    I freaking love Brooks. Their shoes and clothes are freaking awesome. Also, their customer service is amazing. You can probably check online and see if you can find other colors of those shoes or find them for cheaper, too.

  5. So...instead of having the new pair of shoes for your race this weekend, you decided the shoe color was more important? :)

    I hope they don't give you as many blisters, but once you get callouses, you'll be golden. Trust me.

  6. I wear Brooks and love them. Glad you found ones that work and yes, the colors suck for the most part. You would think these companies would know that women want variety! I think of all the Saved By The Bell characters as their names on the show.

  7. I love my Brooks Launch! My local running store knows me too well, and would have harassed me about choosing by color rather than order me a different color. LOL.

    Hope they arrive before the race!

  8. I refuse to admit that Carrie Bradshaw is actually SJP, that Forrest Gump is actually Tom Hanks, etc - once they have an iconic role, that's who they are. NPH is also Barney, and I love him.

    I ordered the old version of Brooks because it was like half the price but the colors suck and it makes me so sad.

  9. I have wide feet, so my choice for color is always ugly. I actually was about to turn in the paperwork for NCState when my current program called me and wooed me away. We coulda been neighbors.

    NPH is fabulous. Your mention of Dawson reminded me that he is hilarious on his new sitcom. JVB plays himself.

  10. 1. NPH is awesome.
    2. Also as awesome: Nathan Fillion.
    3. NPH + Nathan Fillion = Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog = Mega awesomeness

  11. I actually do think of NPH as Doogie! It's one of my favorite shows and I have the boxed set of every season. Even thought I do love me some Stinson too...

  12. I've been wanting to try out the Brooks Launch but I'm trying to incorporate the Flows into my training right now. Hope they work out better for you. Brooks rocks!