Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My new favorite game

Pippi is an interpretive sleeper.

Yes, she was sleeping when I took this picture.

What was she interpreting? How I was feeling the last two days. I'm not sure how I did it, but until this morning my ass hurt so bad it hurt to walk. Normally after a long run it's my calves that scream for a few days. Apparently this time I did it wrong. My rear doesn't look any better than it did last week. All that pain for nothing.

Today I am planning on attempting my first run post-race. I'm debating whether to wear my older shoes or the new ones. Maybe I should just be like the crazy neighbors down the street and run barefoot down our street where everyone has gravel driveways. Stepping on rocks is fun, right?

In other news, I'm currently on season 5 of How I Met Your Mother and I think I've found my favorite episode.

The name of the episode is Right Place, Right Time and in it, Marshall presents some of his charts and graphs. One of them really spoke to me.

"Ranking of Presidents (by how dirty their names sound)"

This brings me to my favorite new game. Things that sound dirty, but aren't. Some examples:
Deliveries in the rear
Tight end
Melon baller
Homo erectus

Yes, these all make me giggle. I know you have some even better ones. Aaaaaand...go!


  1. OMG, all planned productivity this afternoon just went out the window, and I will be spending the next 6 hours thinking of words that sound dirty but aren't.

    Also, there is an intersection near my apt, that is, no joke: Seaman and Cumming. We tried SO HARD to find an apartment there. SO HARD!! (THATS WHAT SHE SAID.)

  2. OMG, running a half marathon on less than ideal training can make you sore? That's shocking!

    You have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy. You are some guy's dream girl for sure. :)

  3. Have you been wearing compression shorts? It'll help with the insane soreness.

  4. Here where I live we have an IHOP on Cox (Road that is). And ironically, we have a Dick's (Sporting Goods) on Cox (Road) too. What were they thinking?

  5. In science class we had to learn the scientific names for different species of trees - the white pine is Pinus Strobus. Which sounded dirty so of course we started calling it Penis Strokus. So, yeah. :)

  6. It seems I came late to the game and all the good ones have been commented here or on twitter by Emily. I'm sad to hear that with all that pain your whooty hasn't developed yet. Does Kari's advertisement count as a comment?

  7. They recently built a Dick's and BJ's right next to each other ... a 5 minute drive from "Cum Park" Plaza

  8. Lake Titicaca

    And Barney is awesome. But the worst episodes of this show is when he's being sappy Barney and not Awesome Barney. (see: recent episodes)