Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just because

Today I'm feeling the random.

I love Pinterest so much.

I saw the photographer and decided to be a doofus.

I can look hardcore too.

...unless it's a bill.

This is pretty much a daily occurrence for Pippi and Rocco.
(but then Pippi starts cleaning out Rocco's ears and they're in love again).

Current Groupon deal. Over 280 bought. I question the sanity of people
in this world.

Dog butt hooks. I NEED these!!

And that's about all the random I've got time for today. Happy Thursday.


  1. You have a surprise coming in the mail! It's only a surprise really because I bet you thought I forgot.

  2. I just saw the dog butt hooks!!! I tried to get cat butthole magnets but christian said that my taste in decor is the opposite of classy. Lame.

  3. I want a race photo where I look like I'm actually running :) Must get speedy.

    1. That was right at the finish line. That's the only reason I look like I'm running :)

  4. You look totally hardcore. Badass.

  5. While the race sucked, you got a couple good pics! I totally agree with the mail/email cartoon...haha

  6. You look like you've lost weight since we met. Have you been working on that?
    My boys, Andy and Max, hang their robes on black dog tails and we love them. How can one NOT smile when looking at those?
    We were at a party this weekend with the floating remote control shark. You would not believe what a hit it was!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Nice race photos! I am dying to see the ones from Sunday b/c I totally looked right at the guy and tried to look hardcore. I doubt it worked. You want dog butt hooks and question why people have the flying shark?? I saw that and know how random my hubby is and thought "that'd be a good gift for his birthday." Thank you.

  8. I think the people who didn't buy that shark are insane. Want one. Also, that hardcore race photo is suh-weet!