Monday, April 16, 2012

The race photos should be interesting

You know how it's generally frowned upon to run a race having not trained exceptionally well for it and also to wear new running shoes for that race? I am here to tell you that those are some great rules, friends. I learned these lessons the hard way yesterday, running the RunRaleigh half marathon. I knew that I wasn't going to PR, but I never expected to add 20 minutes to my time!

Apparently I can't follow directions.

Without going into a lot of detail, I'll just say that I ended the race limping and barely able to actually run through the finish line due to the pain in my left hip and the blisters where my baby toes used to be. What was awesome, however, was that Mike and Nicole (who I met in February and who ran at this race, too) met me about a half mile from the finish line and coaxed me to get there. Also, I wasn't dizzy at all for the race. A small miracle.

The shirt was a huge hit with the volunteers.

Thankfully we parked about 100 yards from the finish line, because otherwise I may have attempted to crawl to the car. I may just cut my baby toes off. I don't really need them, right?

Next year, dude. We shall meet again.

So I'm hoping the hell brought to my baby toes is because I never really "broke in" these new running shoes and not that the shoes don't fit right. Thoughts?

Another amazing small miracle happened this weekend. Pippi and I stayed at Mike and Nicole's house Saturday night and, due to her past of growling and snapping at strangers (like "the ex"), I was worried she'd be that way toward Mike and Nicole, and not get along with their dog. When we went in their house, she immediately wanted to meet and lick Mike and Nicole and growled once at their dog and a half hour later the two of them were running around and playing in the backyard. I'm such a proud dog mom right now! I know it sounds dumb, but believe me. It's a big step.

I'm pretty sure she'll be doing this most of the day.

So next weekend is the Tar Heel 10-miler and I'm determined to make it a much nicer experience (all things considered, the RunRaleigh half was a great experience, had it not been for my stupidity). Mike is running this one as well, and I'm hoping he won't have to wait quite as long for me at the finish line after he's done).

I took the day off work today. Such a great idea. I sense a lot of stretching and foam rolling. And watching the dog sleep. And rehydrating. Maybe some ice cream. Best Monday ever.

Have you ever ran a race you weren't very prepared for?

Do you typically get blisters on a certain part of your foot from running/walking/biking, etc?


  1. Did you buy shoes a half size up from your normal shoe size? That doesn't sound normal that your toes were destroyed...On the bright side, I'd much rather my feet hurt than I was dizzy!

  2. I've fortunately never had my toes destroyed by running shoes, because I've been so unlucky with destroying every other part of my body. =( Your race sounds a lot like my 10k a week ago. I figure it's always good to stockpile some terrible races so eventually luck comes out on your side and you have an unexpectely awesome one.

  3. That sounds like the wrong size to me, and not "broken in" issues. My local running store swears that you shouldn't need to break in a properly fitted pair of shoes.

    I'm glad that you weren't dizzy! Awesome looking medal.

  4. No picture of the blisters? Lame.

    Yeah, it takes about 30 miles for your shoes to be "broken in" and your feet swell when running longer distances so it's possible that they aren't big enough for you. Go up half a size maybe.

    I get blisters on the tips of my toes no matter what I do, but if I'm running hard enough, I don't notice until after I'm done.

  5. Great job making across the finish line! Sorry about the pinky toes. I agree with Mandy that you shouldn't have to break in the right pair of running shoes. If they fit right, they should be ready right out of the box. Glad your pup did such a good job:)

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    1. Also known as "the little piggies that went 'wee wee wee' all the way home" if that helps you.

  7. I shouldn't answer this because I still have a hard time calling myself a runner. I blister almost everytime over 5 miles on the balls of my feet (pronate much?). I wore new shoes and forgot to bodyglide on my 11 miler this weekend, but didn't end up too bad. My last shoe update was wider. Even though it felt great, I bled through my shoes when blisters popped during an 8 miler because I had too much room. I would give the shoes a couple more runs and see if breaking in will help. If you are still getting sore, go back for new ones :)

  8. Hmm, the Launch are a neutral training shoe - they don't have much cushioning and shouldn't need to be broken in at all. That said, transitioning from one shoe to another usually includes shorter runs to get used to them, but you would've noticed soreness in your calves/knees as you got used to them, not blisters. I would actually take them back to the store today (good job on taking the day off!) and tell them what happened. It could be a size thing and hopefully they would exchange them for you, or let you trade them in for something else for free, since they recommended those in first place. It could also be a sock issue, if they are too thick/loose/bunched up right over your baby toes..

    I run in the launch too, so if they happen to be size 8s and you can't exchange them, I'll buy them from you!

  9. Hope you get the shoe thing figured out. I've never had little toe blister issues. Usually the only place I get blisters is on the tips but my toes are so calloused right now that it doesn't even matter! I've only had one pair of shoes that just never worked for me, felt great in the store but I could never run in them, hated that since they aren't cheap!

  10. I second Kelli. You shouldn't have to break the launch's in. those are my go-to shoes. Bigger question: was this your first time running in neural shoes? perhaps you were supinating and rolling out. Or look to your socks. Sometimes I blister if i'm sweating my balls off too. So many factors to consider.

  11. I third/fourth whatever.... Not a breaking in problem. I've taken many a shoe out of the box and put 13+ miles on them. I would go back to the store also.

  12. I typed a whole comment at work and apparently it never posted...anyway it was mainly about the shoes but now it seems that's been hashed out. Sounds like the race was rough but you made it! And now Pippi and Radley can have play dates!

  13. Sounds like you need a wider toebox. At least you finished (and still blew my half time out of the water I'm sure)!

  14. I was totally wondering if you intended to wear the new shoes for the race. I guess I was right. Nothing new at a race. But I am just repeating what others have said. I agree with Mandy and not just because I know her IRL and she may beat me up. FF tells us that all the time! Bring 'em back!

  15. Hope you figured out the shoe problem! While I have never worn a brand new pair for a race, my shoes haven't needed breaking in. Was this a new style of shoe for you? If it makes you feel better, my second half marathon was about 10 minutes slower than my first, and I thought I had put forth good effort on training. It got better. Also, Pippi snapped at the ex? Apparently Pippi knew it wasn't meant to be, too :-p

  16. (love the shirt!)

    Kiley @ DVF