Sunday, April 1, 2012

Take your head off and have a drink!

My weekend started off with The Hunger Games FINALLY! It did not disappoint. Pure amazing. I was a little miffed about a couple of parts that weren't like the book, though, and I was wishing my SIL had read the book so we could discuss it. I immediately texted Alyssa, who confirmed the one part that was bothering me the most. It was that important.

In case you saw the movie but didn't read the book,
that's not where she got the mockingjay pin from!

I spent the drive home trying to not throw up. I thought it was maybe the camera angles in the movie that gave me motion sickness, but when I felt that way almost the entire weekend, I figured it was something else. As a result, again, no long run this weekend. I'm working from home tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get in an hour of running tomorrow and another day this week.

And now, on to the open house!

Dining room...six chairs that all are different.

Stairs look like they're from a horror movie. More lighting

My first indication a single man lives here currently. So gross!

Master bedroom. I've never lived in a master bedroom! I'm going to be fancy.

Guest bathroom says "Hi, I need a makeover!"

Guest room closet. Go Red Sox!

Jeremy and I were going around opening all the shades. We're totally related.
Oh, this is the guest room, for when you all come over to visit :)

Dear Kitchen: Don't worry, I will make you pretty!

Aside from the fact that most of the light fixtures need upgrades (and a few need to be added), and we'd need to install ceiling fans, along with all the painting that needs to be done, the house is in really decent shape. I was surprised at how clean all the carpets are and at all the yard space the house comes with. There are still a few questions that I've e-mailed to the Community Home Trust people, but I've asked to put a reserve on the house (since I'm the first one on the wait list and I don't want anyone to take it from me), so this may just be my future home!

On a more random note, WTH is a "lilduval"?

Saturday night I followed the home awesomeness with some hockey awesomeness. Nicole and Mike, whom I met in February at the Myrtle Beach marathon (through Alyssa), invited me to a Hurricanes game. It was a great time, although there weren't enough fights for my liking. Perhaps the best part was during the breaks, about 10 random mascots came out onto the ice and it was comedy gold. During the first break they played a very short hockey game, and during the second break it was musical chairs...with three chairs. Nothing is funnier than a bunch of people dressed in huge costumes falling all over the ice. I promise you.

aaaand...cue hilarious laughter.

The best comment of the night goes to Nicole, who wondered, "Do you think, at the end of the night, they all take their heads off and have a drink?"

I bet they do.

Sunday started off pretty lame, but then I realized...I need to start packing! And then I started panicking, which sounds almost the same, but it's not. I went to town on my closet and dresser, and the result?

Goodwill is getting a ton of my amazing castaways, including a couple swimsuits
from when I was on the swim team in high school. I'm so awesome.

That's ten years of cell phone gold right there. Now, what to do with them?

Have you saved "mementos" thinking you may want them someday? (No, that's not why I saved the phones. I just don't know how to clear them so some evil genius can't hack into them and steal my identity.

Have you ever dressed as a mascot? I want to know what it's like in there.

Do you know what a "lilduval" is?


  1. I'm so jealous of the hockey game. I miss you all. I picture it being like Blades of Glory, and they get drunk while they are in the costumes. I'm a HUGE packrat and so is Eric, so that doesn't exactly work out. You can mail those swimsuits to me. I can't wait to get a visit on the calendar.

  2. Lil Duval, a stand up comedian.

  3. You can drop off the cell phones at any wireless store or even Best Buy. They'll recycle them. Remove any SIM cards or anything that are in them - that should take care of it. Yay for getting to see the inside!! It looks great but it needs your touch! ;)

  4. Oh and I forgot to say that was the ONLY part in the movie that made me mad! I mean why change how she got the freaking pin??!! UGH!

  5. Moving is the BEST for clearing out junk. When I moved out of my apartment into our house, I trashed so much stuff in the dumpster before I left. It's so cleansing!

    When do you find out about the house???

  6. Cute place!! How quickly can you move in? I'll bet with the housing market the way it is it's a steal of a deal. Soooooo excited for you!!!!

  7. That house looks amazing! Well, the potential, the current state looks about like what my place did when I moved in to my place, minus about 50 pizza boxes. I have to clean out everything every six months otherwise we are overrun with stuff!

  8. According to Google, you are talking about Lil Duvall, stand up comedian. Good luck with the packing! We are still partially living out of boxes and it's driving me crazy.

  9. Lil Duvall can't be very funny if no one has ever heard of him. :)

    You know what this post was missing? Panic about not training for a half marathon. You should add some of that. :P

  10. Oh I love the house! Congratulations!!

    I think the movie probably contributed to your nauseousness. The way the filmed it made me feel sick.

  11. I'm a packrat so I'm sure I have "mementos" that I think I'll use and probably will not. I just need to get in a throwing out mood to counteract that packrat part of me. I say this even having already thrown out a bunch of stuff when we moved 2 months ago.

    If no one has heard of Lil Duval, he's not a good comedian (or not a good comedian...yet?) and how is anyone expected to draw him?? Maybe the three dot ones are user-submitted items? Wish I could play that game without an iphone!

    Mascot: no

    The house looks nice! I'd forgive the open toilet seats. Hopefully they were at least clean, otherwise- barf. It's nice and neutrally decorated...Better white and tan than walls that you can't paint over easily. What was the verdict on the neighborhood? Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

    1. PS, At Target the other day I saw they recycle electronics (including cell phones). The non-camera phone should be easy to clear, I think there are ways to delete all texts (plus they only used to be able to hold like 20 texts at a time). Once they get more technologically advanced, I have no idea. I barely knew my current phone had a memory card in it.

  12. 1. Peeta is a little sissy. There's no way he could have thrown 100 lb sacks of flour.
    2. all different chairs = eclectic. It's not sloppy, it's "trendy".
    3. That kitchen looks ok. Lots of counterspace = good. Electric stove = bad.
    4. play me on drawsomething: jumpyfroggy
    5. Furries on ice. creepy.
    6. I had to look up "lilduval".

  13. I'm sure there is something amazing on Pinterest that you could do with those old phones ;)

    I have never dressed as a mascot before but I did date the Hylton Bulldog for two months....yes, it was as lame as it sounded.

  14. I think there's a way to actually recycle cell phones.

  15. Nice open house!

    That's the part of the movie that annoyed me too!

  16. I want to go to a hockey game where that happens!