Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm not really a spaz

Yesterday's post brought a lot of comments like, "Dude, you're a freak. Why do you care what color your running shoes are if you really need them for a race in five days?" I want to address this. The reason is...RED. I can't stand the color. I've discussed it here and here.

Red is evil!

When i was a lot younger, my step mom had a red car with red interior and every frickin time I rode in that car I got carsick. I will swear forever and ever until I die that it was due to the red interior.

To me the color symbolizes anger and vomit. I don't need to be thinking about vomit while I'm running a race I'm not exactly prepared for.

So, when Sarah at Fleet Feet brought out these shoes, you can understand why I just couldn't bring myself to spend $90 on this color.

The Brooks Launch also comes in the following three colors.

I would have even taken the ugly yellow ones. I'm not a running shoe color snob, but I must draw the line at red.

You're such a spaz, Mom. I'm embarrassed for you.

Is there a color you refuse to wear? Or am I the only one?


  1. You have issues.

    I don't really have any color phobias, but there are some colors I don't like to wear. I can't actually think of any right now, though.

  2. You are the only one. Pippi's look sums it up :)

  3. I'm ok with all colors. I even like the yellow shoes. I like bright things.

  4. I tend to avoid red too, my older osister told me when I was younger it clashed with my hair so I should avoid it all costs, also pink, purple, and orange.

  5. Red is my color! Launch is my shoe! They have come out with red?? WTF! Why didn't I know. I have the white/purple and blue. Must get red. Red looks good on me too.

  6. You kind of are a spaz, but so am I. I don't have an aversion to colors, but I cannot stand nuts. Like will full on spit out food containing nuts. It's not a taste thing, it's a texture thing.

  7. I want the red launch too Laurie.

    I don't have any color phobias either. But, I do have food issues....

  8. Don't feel bad! I'd do the same thing; except, I love the red.