Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Annoying things people do at the gym

I had a somewhat traumatizing afternoon at the gym yesterday, and I thought this would be a fun subject to write about. I've put a lot of thought into this through the years. Please feel free to add to the list!
  • Girls who come to the gym all dolled up. I mean I guess if you're trying to tell everyone that you're not serious, it works. But otherwise, why??
  • Anyone who comments on your form. I had some guy once say to me, "Wow, you're flexible." CREEPY!
  • The couple who gym together and flirt the whole time. The rest of us want to hurt you. Badly.
  • People who take up a machine and don't actually do anything.
  • Guys who grunt, yell, or throw the weights around. The rest of us can hear you and we think you sound like an idiot.
  • The guys who stand around the weights talking and laughing. DO something!
  • People who take up more than one machine at a time and act all put off when you use one in the middle of their sets. It's a public gym. Get over it.
  • Guys who act like their workout is more important than yours because you're a girl. (This happens to me quite frequently. If the gym weren't equipped with cameras, I might try to "accidentally" trip a few).
  • People who use the gym as social hour. If you're going to work out, go to the gym. If you're going to socialize with your buddies, go to a bar. It's probably a lot cheaper than the gym membership.
  • When people have consistently bad form and the trainers don't say something before they hurt themselves. 
  • People who try to talk to me when I have my iPod on (which is the whole time). Unless you're asking me something gym-related, take the hint.
  • People who smell of perfume/cologne OR Body odor. Go for the happy medium of just not smelling at all. Showers and deodorant are awesome and perfume has no place at the gym.
Add away!

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  1. • People who don't wipe down their machines! Eeewww... they have towels there for a reason.
    • Two guys who hog one weight machine, using it one after another. This usually happens to be an upper-body machine (and they usually have big arms, and chicken legs! LOL)

  2. People who don't wipe down their machine after they're done!

    People who linger and wait for your machine even though you JUST got on.

    People who try to read your magazine from the next machine.

    That one fat lady who almost dies in a cardio class and slows it down for everyone else.

    I could go on and on :)

  3. Kara! In kickboxing last week this lady got next to me, completely uncoordinated and not trying, and kept messing me up. She didn't even know how to punch. I would have recorded it to add to this list if I could do it without her knowing.

  4. LOL! I really did laugh at that picture :)

    I feel ya on the gym frustrations! I hate when a group of girls are meandering on the track, clearly just gossiping, but taking up all the lanes and not caring that you have to squish to get around them.