Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank you...

To Borders for going-out-of-business sale!

Communication Arts is a graphic design magazine, originally $24 per issue (and so I never buy it because...yikes!) I got it for $12 (50% off), which is still pretty steep for a "magazine", even though it is awesome and pretty thick. My excuse is that it's inspiration for my "business" :)

Get Married is a wedding magazine. I love looking at wedding dresses, engagement rings, flower arrangements, all that stuff. Really, it's like daydreaming (and, I guess, because I'm a 29-year-old female). No, I am not getting married and I never buy these magazines because it seems a creepy thing for someone like me to do, but at 50% off, I figured I could splurge uncreepily.

The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises (I mean, really, are you surprised?) I have been coveting this book for a long long time and I never bought it because of the price, but *ta da* it was on sale for 25% off, so I snatched it up faster than a meal after a workout (I know. That's fast!)

Amanda also bought a book of healthy recipes for us to try. The recipes that sold it for us were the healthy grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and apple, and fish tacos. (Your mouth is watering, isn't it?)

And also, a thank you to Amanda for the girls' day. We slept in, got lunch at Chick-fil-A, did some shopping at Target, Dick's, and Borders, got massages (soooo goooood), got frozen yogurt, perused the aisles at Trader Joe's (and got some "three-buck Chuck" wine, cheese, and crackers), and then I'm making healthified chicken stew with dumplings for dinner. Boriana will be joining us (yay!), and since she is vegetarian for the time-being, I'm subbing potatoes for the chicken. We'll see how it goes! Oh and Amanda also got a facial-in-a-box (I'm not sure of the brand or what it's called, but we'll go with FIB), for us to do tonight. I'm hoping to not burn my face off.

Happy Friday!  <3

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  1. I am incredibly jealous of your day. If anyone asks about the magazine, just say you're doing some research for a friend (blame Danielle!) :P