Friday, March 4, 2011

Confessions and Filling in the blanks

I'd like to thank Kara for the idea for this post about confessions. None of these are really the deep and dark details, but they are confessions, nonetheless.

I feel awkward in most social situations. I'm not sure why, and I hope I can hide it well most of the time.

I really dislike the shape of my face and my nose. It's what I was born with, and so I will never do anything to change them, but if I could swap out features like Mister Potatohead, I'd order a less-round face and a smaller nose.

I have OCD about cleaning the house and putting things in their correct places. Shoes lying around or coffee rings on the counter drive me batty.

I was never actually taught how to shake hands correctly, and every time I do, I worry I did it wrong and that the person thinks less of me. (But I also judge people with wimpy shakes. I'm a hypocrite.) (Also, "wimpy shakes" :). I need to use that for something).

I LOVE kickboxing and group fitness classes. It's so much more active and fun than trudging along on a cardio machine for 40 minutes and raising and lowering dumbbells at the gym. But, I look so ridiculous while doing it. Instead of watching myself in the mirror during the classes, I either watch my feet, or pretend I'm punching and kicking someone near me. It takes the edge off.

Long nails disgust me. I keep mine so short that in the rare occasion that I get a manicure, the manicurist always mentions how short they are. I can't stand fake nails on women either, or nails of any length on guys. (I just Googled "long nails" to find an image, and I can't even bring myself to look at them).

I was a subscriber for three months. In that three months, I was jerked over. I no longer have the subscription and never will again. I don't know why I figured it would be better than "real life". It's the same as real life, but it costs money.

I used to say that I would never own a Coach purse or an iPhone. I now want both.

I get annoyed at the misuse of question marks. For instance, telling someone to guess something ("Guess what I'm doing.") is not a question.

And also, I know I just filled in the blanks yesterday, but since this is actually Friday and I have some extra free time, I figured...why not!?
  1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is  I don't know that I overuse any phrases in particular, but I know a few words I overuse. "Jerk" (I know I overuse this because now Jeremy and Amanda have started using it all the time), "Bastard", and "Balls" (which is my way of cussing without actually cussing.
  2. Today I am thankful for Amanda choosing me to go with her for a free massage, and for Jeremy for getting her the gift card for Christmas.
  3. My best friend is  also my "life coach" and, because of my horrible track record with relationships, her rule is that she must interview any potential candidates. And I'm totally cool with that.
  4. A quirky thing about me is  I love early mornings before anyone else is up and the world is quiet. Early mornings and bedtime are my favorite times of day (with lunchtime coming in third).
  5. This weekend I need to clean the house. Fun fun fun!
  6. Something that worries me is  that I will break a bone or otherwise injure myself in a way that will make me unable to work out.
  7. On my night stand you'll find tissues, my retainer, my piggy bank, chapstick, and my daily regimen of vitamins and prescriptions.

Today's random photo:
(Yes, it's a photo of the dog. I promise the next one will be of something else.)

He's digging his head between the couch cushions. He shakes the
whole couch while shimmying his head down in it and then sniffs
hardcore, as if there's a steak in there or something. (There isn't,
in case you were wondering.)


  1. I think the best confession in this post (which you totally hid) is that you still wear your retainer. Dork! :)

  2. I AM a dork. I admit it. A dork with straight teeth ;)