Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Workout DVD day 1

Yesterday I did the Women's Health: Total Workout in Ten! DVD. I've realized that rating these DVDs is going to be a challenge because one may be a really good workout for beginners, but I'm not a beginner, so for me they're a little less of a challenge. This is definitely one of those. I'm going to rate them as an "advanced" worker-outer.

This DVD consists of four 10-minute sections: cardio, lower body, upper body, and balance & flexibility. (You heard that right, there is no warm-up. Strange and uncool? Yes, yes it is.)

Cardio: I would barely consider this a cardio workout (sorry, Women's Health, but 10-minutes of cardio barely counts as a workout). I actually might consider this section what a normal "warm-up" would be for me, so if nothing else, it got me ready for the lower body section.

Lower body: The lower body section is pretty good. I don't really have any beef with it except to say that the trainer (Amy Dixon), adds in dead lifts, which is kind of an odd thing to have in a workout video. I'm ok with sticking with squats. At least with squats,I know my form is right. Also, this section could definitely stand to be longer and have way more reps in order to be a sufficient lower body workout.

Upper body: This section is, by far, the most challenging. Because of this it's my favorite, although it really focuses more on shoulders, upper back, and chest than arms. My arms aren't sore today, but my shoulders, upper back, and chest are.

Balance & flexibility: I would almost consider this more of a cool-down/stretching section. It incorporates some pseudo-yoga moves, ballet moves, and stretching. I like this section (I love stretching) but it's not challenging, really.

My rating for an "advanced" individual:

If you're looking for an "easy" day workout, or even if you don't have a lot of time and just want a quick upper body workout or some balance & flexibility training (what this DVD was actually designed for, I guess), then this is a good choice. Also, if you are more of a beginner, this may be a good one for you.

I also did the cardio portion of another DVD to supplement this one. I'll finish that one up today and review it tomorrow.

Today's Photo:
Since we were going to eat dinner late, after my workout
Amanda and I had mozzarella, crackers, strawberries, and
Our Daily Red organic red wine as an "appetizer" :)


  1. You should try Bob Harper's Inside Out Method, that has like 500 dead lifts in it.

    I hate workout DVDs that claim to be cardio but aren't. I think that's why I stick to toning DVDs, at least they deliver on their promise. :)

  2. Well, I do have two Bob Harper DVDs that I'll get to this week at some point. I have done one of them, but I don't remember what was on it. I was on the verge of getting sick and my brain was turned off.

    I am thinking of ordering a few kickboxing DVDs. On a few of the DVDs (including the Jillian one), the punches and kicks are just so slow. )