Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some pretty cool stuff

Today it's dreary, and so is my mood. How is it possible for someone to say one thing and have it totally bring the dark clouds over my head? I'm not going to go into detail, as it's just pretty ridiculous, but I will say that I'm doing the best I can with what I've got in life.

Dear Naysayers:

And that concludes today's rant.

Now onto: The Fun Stuff!

$2.99 each. (Yeah. I know!)

These are vases from IKEA that I've been wanting for quite a while, but I never make it in there when I go home to VA. I love the textures and can picture them with really colorful Spring flowers in them (real or artificial). I've been trying to get someone from 'home' to nab them and bring them down. We'll see!

More IKEA wonderfulness!:

I see all kinds of really awesome, non-traditional lighting that I love. These two items are on my 'someday when i have my own place' wants list.

KNAPPA pendant lamp
PS MASKROS pendant lamp

Paint Chip Wall Art

 Yes...those strips of color are paint color chips, which are FREE at Lowe's! This is definitely an upcoming project...as soon as I can afford frames :)

In my office at work, I have these glass fish(es) that I got from TJMaxx HomeGoods. I'm not sure where my love for these things came from, but there's just something about them. Pier 1 currently has one for sale (on clearance :)

Mark? Mark Wahlberg, where did you come from?

Well, thanks for visiting, but if you're going to pop in, at least have the decency to remove your shirt.

That's much better. Don't make me ask next time.

Oh...sorry, back to the task at hand:

How friggin cute is this Hedgehog doormat?

They want $346.50 for this clock. Reeeediculous! It is my mission to find one similar for a whole lot less money.


(It's on the Pottery Barn TEEN website. Don't judge.)

Ok ok, I'm in a much better mood now and that was the purpose. What did that mean person say? I don't even remember. Bam!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Boo for bad mood Tuesdays! I'm glad thoughts of purple sheets made you feel better :)

  2. Awww, try not to let people get you down! So not worth it!

    I have a constant case of IKEA envy. The closest one to me is like 500ish miles away. BOO!