Monday, March 21, 2011

"I need more coffee" is an understatement

I'm back from vacation and very tired. That cup of coffee this morning was just not enough. The time away was exactly what I needed, though; very relaxing and there was no drama. That's right...six people in a house for four days and NO DRAMA! It was wonderful.

Of course, along with all that relaxation was lots of eating crappy food. Well, let me clarify...delicious food that was nutritionally crappy. You know, "vacation food".

So, one of my friends who was on vacation decided she is going to try a post-vacation diet of eating only things with one or two ingredients for a week. The purpose is to get back on track. Now, I'm someone who doesn't believe in the word "diet". It's a four letter word for a reason. I believe in eating healthy for life and everything in moderation. BUT, we all trip up every now-and-then and since I do want to get back on track, I'm going to try this plan as well. Today is day one and so far so good, but it is only 9am. Tomorrow I'll try to remember to take a picture of everything I eat. I have a feeling I'm going to be hungry and cranky this week.

In more fun news, I found a picture of the dress that I got at the Merrell outlet store at a 70+ percent off!

I actually got it in black, and the back of it is the most awesome part. You can see other views of it here. (Yes, I'm super stoked about this great deal!)

What else did I get at the outlet mall, you ask?

dun du na naaaaaaa.....

The COACH PURSE I've been saving up for! My first "big girl" purse. At outlet prices plus an extra 30% off, I got one for less than a third of the original price. Outlet shopping rules.

What was that? Oh, you want to know which one I got? Well....You get to guess!

...if you know me, you already know which one ;-)



  1. It's D....DUH :)

    In that "diet" can you combine things? Like, beans and cheese? Or is that a no-no? I have this image of you eating all the ingredients of your dinner separately :)

  2. Ha! I asked the same thing. Combining things is ok. Dinner is tilapia, brown rice, and broccoli. It would be cheating if combining food were illegal.