Thursday, March 3, 2011

Git it wright

We are all educated adults, correct? Then why?...

The apostrophes shake their fists at
you for using them incorrectly.

So I have to leave my pet at home, but
at least I can go in topless and barefoot!

They are daughter? Then I is woman.

This time the construction is personal.
Don't mess with it.

Really Really moRonic eRRoR.

These are the types of things that drive me nutty. (Don't even get me started on bad design!) I am a self-proclaimed grammar-police officer, and bad grammar is everywhere. Last weekend driving past a Wendy's restaurant, I noticed a misspelled word on the huge sign that is so huge, its hugeness is huge enough for all passing cars to see. In my eyes, the misspelling was even more huge than the sign. I secretly hoped the dummy who put the words on that huge sign got chewed out for that little mishap.

Poor guy. Don't make him suffer any longer!
Hey, he said it.

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Random photo:
The label said it is a baby possum, although I like the
spelling "opossum" better. And I want to pet it. Is that bad?


  1. I once had a student (in a college class I was teaching) write a whole 2 page assignment about the time his sister fell into a comma and died. No joke.

  2. This post was before I discovered your blog but it came up as a post "you might also like" at the bottom. I love it!! And I hate grammar/spelling issues. They're, their, there is a big one. While that baby possum might be cute, adult possums freak me out!